Friday, September 28, 2007

You've GOT to love the crap out of Little Britain, especially Vicky Pollard. Then with Dawn French showing up as Vicky's mum? Double-trouble!

no but yeah but
no but yeah but
no but yeah but
but oh my god this whole other thing happened wot i completely forgot to tell you about cos you know caz?

well she got sacked from the bakery counter at the Somerfields in Redland cos she kept licking all the sugar off the donuts and then putting them back on the shelf...

...but anyway she had such a cob on that she went down the Fleece and Firkin with the Redman sisters and drank 15 bottles of hooch and then went back there in the afternoon and shat in a tub of Utterly Butterly.

don't go giving me Thai evils!


Anonymous said...

There is a little thingie on BBC America that splashes across the screen with narration. Something to the effect "even the British can't understand all these English accents so you, like me, may want to consider using closed captioning". And then they tell you how to turn it on. What a hoot.

FHB said...

Too funny. Wonderful how our pop culture heads back to the motherland and makes their speech even more unintelligible than usual. Thing is, I have a few girls in my AP classes that would be right at home in that group.

g bro said...

I haven't seen, "Computer says niaow" for sometime now. Is that skit off the show?