Sunday, September 23, 2007

A while back, I mentioned the tv tax in Britain. Someone who lives there commented and 'splained me how that works, and here it is, fyi:

It is one fee per household, so you can have as many TVs as you like.Student halls of residence are different, each student with a TV has to have their own license.Fees are what pay for the BBC to operate so we grumble, moan and pay up - sad to imagine a world without Red Dwarf/Doctor Who/Fawlty Towers/Life On Mars etc etc

You know, I'd be delighted to pay a tv tax if it meant that commercials would go away. Now on public tv which IS publicly sponsored, they even have commercials. *sigh*


Dalai Mama - A thousand thank yous for the recommendation of yarn by Noro. I purchased several skeins of Kureyon 100% wool yarn that was absolutely the perfect color combination and weight.

The Woolie Ewe is perhaps the most estrogen-rich environment I've ever seen, but for a change I didn't mind it, so blissed out was I on fiber mania. I do think I'll make a point of going there on quieter weekdays, rather than a Saturday during hen-party hours.

I have no project planned for it, but I am besotted with the most glorious forest-color thread from Rowan called Kidsilk Haze. 70% super kid mohair, 30% silk. Sumptuous. Can't wait til I can knit - this is going to be something dreamy.


Anonymous said...

I would be willing to pay extra for commercial free boob toob. Actually we don't watch a lot of commercials. We bought a ReplayTV way back when and soon (like the first day) discovered the joy of a 30 second skip button. And watching a recorded one while recording another one. Now with the Dish HD DVR, we can record 2 and watch a recorded one and use the 30 second skip at the appropriate time. It's amazing how much time is wasted on commercials. And don't get me started on professional football. I won't watch it anymore.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to ask you where you bought the wooden hooks? WalMart here doesn't sell them and we have no Hobby Lobby or such.

I may have to go on line, if so what type of wood are they made of?


phlegmfatale said...

myron - well, being such a tech-savvy guy, I would expect you to be ahead of the curve, and here you do not disappoint.
I have digital cable with DVR and it's the only reason I ever even bother with any broadcast or commercial cable channel shows at all. I just forward through the commercials, and 1 hour programs only take about 40 minutes to watch. TV is SO much more enjoyable these days.

Lainy - the first ones I got were Rosewood, and they are wonderful. I just picked up my first knitting needles and they are made of bamboo, and I'll let you know how they are to work with. I expect the bamboo won't have as long a life as the other woods, but I suppose I could be surprised there, as well. I know the bamboo crochet hooks are on sale online at

Let me know if you get exasperated, and I can just pick some up for you here and mail them to you, mkay?

Anonymous said...

Geez, you're sure doing a lot of slumming up north. First the bookstores, now the yarn shops. Next thing you know I'm gonna have to turn on my sprinklers to keep you off my yard.

BTW, my ex used to frequent the Dutchess yarn shop in Hot Springs as a child, then during her graduate degree days worked in several needlepoint and knit shops in Little Rock.

'Scuse me while I go head-butt something to raise my testosterone level. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the website. I ordered 4 wooden hooks and some yarn. They seemed reasonable on their prices.

Many thanks.

Unknown said...

I guess the $11/month on the DVR is my "tax" to avoid watching the commercials. And it's worth it!