Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm working on 2 crochet projects right now. I'm making a sort of open mesh scarf out of a fuzzy red yarn, and I'm making a doily - my first!- out of several colors of thread. It's good to be working on projects that don't require donning of latex gloves, for a change. As soon as the weather cools slightly, then I'll be firing back up the torch to do some glasswork - the gallery is already pestering me for more stock for the holidays. I'd better step it up.

One tip I wanted to pass along to crocheters was a wonderful product I've found: crochet hooks carved of rosewood - these hooks are so easy to work with, and they feel so much better than plastic, acrylic or aluminum. In fact, they seem much lighter and my hand doesn't fatigue as quickly with the rosewood.

I saw these in the store when I started buying yarn and hooks again recently, but I admit I found the price of the turned rosewood hooks to be off-putting so I didn't buy them at first. At Hobby Lobby, I've spent between 2 and 3 dollars per hook, and the rosewood hooks are at least 5 each. I finally succumbed last week, and for me they are totally worth the extra money. I have poked around online and found the same hooks for $8 each, so if you've a hobby/craft store nearby, you may do well to buy from them.

If you try them, let me know what you think.


Kate said...

I've been looking at the rosewood needles too. I think I'll put 'em on my Christmas list.

You do glass? Stain or etched?

phlegmfatale said...

Hey Kate - you're gonna love the rosewoods. I say splurge on them for yourself now and make all your crochet for the holidays more comfortable.

I make glass beads on torch. :)

Christina RN LMT said...

And you kick ass at it, too!

My Oma tried to teach me all that stuff (crochet and cross-stich and knitting and sewing and macrame and, and, and)...nothing stuck.

Stuff that's supposed to relax you just made me get wound up and frustrated.

I'd rather read, sing, or dance!

Lin said...

Oh, oh, oh ... IF they survived the move and IF I ever find them, I have some ancient booklets on doily crochet that I will set aside for you. Hopefully the borscht princess at our old place didn't inherit them by default - you would be a far more appreciative heir.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advise about the hooks. I'll run out today and get some. My hands cramp up a lot so anything to make my crocheting easier is a heavenly gift.

Anonymous said...

Beads, pinatas, crochet... Is there no end to your talents kiddo?

phlegmfatale said...

christina - sometimes it's most difficult to learn things like that from someone you know very well. I have to say that if anyone could teach you that stuff, _I_ could. I've taught beading classes at a local bead shop and you really have to be incredibly patient and a great problem-solver to help other people overcome their obstacles, and my mind always turns to different pathways to fix a problem. You CAN do any of those things, you just need someone like me to teach you.

lin - aw, shucks! I'd be honored to have them. I love old patterns. I'm going to have to find out who the borscht princess is - sounds like there's a story there.

lainy - you're welcome - I'll be anxious to hear how they work for you. I grip my hook pretty tight, and I tend to get crampy mitts, too, but I haven't had that happen at all with these hooks. I'm going to buy more sizes this weekend, too.

myron - it's not a matter of talent so much as a question of attention-deficit disorder. I get bored.

Christina RN LMT said...

Well, if I do end up in your area, which is certainly a possibility in the future, you can turn me into "super-crafty-woman".
That would truly prove once and for all that you are a miracle worker!