Saturday, August 31, 2013

11 PM and all is sweltering...

About 90F here and I have a puppy glued to my back. I think it's a lingering effect of all her time alone, so I can't shoo Mochi away, poor baby. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

My nose in the books...

Busy busy busy study study study.

Today is a big reading day.  The sheer volume of reading/learning I must do this semester is staggering.


It won't do itself: I must work for this, must earn this.  Other people have done this.  I can do this.

What one man can do, another man can do.

I started studying a week ago, but the reading in earnest starts today.  Uniform has been ordered, shoes ordered, name tags ordered from the engraver.  What books have not arrived are in transit now.  Orientation was yesterday.  There's a pretty decent online system of tracking assignments/deadlines, and I've already exchanged contact info with two people who will be my study partners.  If I stay the course and do everything I should do on a day-to-day basis, things should fall into place.  My objective is to maintain a strict study habit which ensures that information is established to a degree that last-minute cramming will be obviated.  I abhor last-minute study-- if you don't know it by that point, well, you flat don't know it at all, baby. 

This is going to be intense, but this is going to be worthwhile.
I can do this.  January of 2012 I said here that I felt that I was about to swim across an ocean over the next 4 years.  I now think I've reached a small island that was within sight of that shore.  The big wide water lay ahead of me. 

Yeah. I can totally do this.

...while I was getting my schoolie-school ducks in a row...

Erin Palette shared something of a serious and monumental nature about herself.  As I expected to find, she has been overwhelmingly supported by our community.  I am delighted to say that I share in that support.

Truth of it is that since I myself was welcomed into this pro-2A community some handful of years ago, I've found this to be the most accepting, monolithically welcoming and respectful group of which I've been a part.  Our family encompasses a very wide community of people from different political and social strata, and is handily the most erudite and intelligent group of people I've encountered. [here I'm looking meaningfully in the direction of Theater and Literature departments] In other words, this group is a great working model in celebration of diversity, and I've never seen this massive tent fail to welcome someone genuine who comes in honesty and good spirit.  I LOVE OUR FAMILY!

Erin brings a singular energy and zest to the party which has enlivens discussion and promotes debate with much wit and joviality.  I'm very proud of our community for embracing her, and-- again-- I stand by her, too.  And I'm proud of her for trusting us to take her at heart-value. Trust and acceptance goes both ways, and our community is honored when someone feels they can be open and vulnerable here.  I think it says a great deal about us, and it most assuredly says a great deal about Miss Palette.  Huzzah!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Phlegmmy's first scrubs...

I went to the uniform shop yesterday to order my scrubs for lab, and I vexed rather longer than I intended over which top to get.  I probably should have gotten both. (or all three).  But I was in a hurry, and for this semester, I'll need it for 2 hours for one day a week, so... not so much.

My schedule in town is not as bad as I expected it to be.  One of my 4 classes is entirely online, and one is a hybrid, so I'll only have to be there on Tuesday night for 4 more times this semester, so that eases the schedule somewhat.  I'm hoping to get into a yoga class routine starting next week.  The books I MUST have are slowly trickling into the bookstore, more than a week after I ordered them.  Next semester, it's Amazon for me.  I don't have time for this slow drip of books-- I have quite a bit of studying to do with one I'll pick up today for a class tomorrow.  Meh.

This is exciting, but I have TONS to do.  I'm off!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I rarely bleg, and never for myself, but a couple of ongoing issues could use some attention, so I just want to put it out there:

Squeaky is grappling with ongoing medical issues. I know it's been a struggle and a challenging time, and that any support that comes her way is appreciated. Tip jar is located below the bold letters on left that say "SURGERY FUND."

My friend at SystemsReady is going through some difficulties owing to being jerked around by a university with regard to an internship and student housing(read the circumstances here).  She finds herself in very cruel circumstances which imperil the continuance of her education.  She is a remarkable young woman and is offering 2 hours of custom website-design in exchange for a $50 donation.  Sounds like a bargain on web design, and she's brilliant. Though she's been a guest in my home and friend and daughter of beloved friend, I say that with absolutely no bias: she's a smart one, and worthy of support.

Shifting gears

What a privilege it is to be back in school full-time.

What is strange has been that the primary thing has by necessity been full-time work with two courses on the side.  This has been the mode since January of 2011, so the shift to full-time school with part-time work is head-spinning. 

I learned a valuable lesson with Microbiology. I was very lucky that after a rocky start (with a failing grade on my first exam) I managed to earn a B anyway.  At least in a longer semester, even with a faux pas at the beginning, you've got some time to get your legs back under yourself, but I really don't want that.  I want to sail into the end of the semester with an obvious, no-brainer of an A.

I expect first class was a great eye-opener for the younger students.  Clinicals start in January, but I didn't realize I'd have to get scrubs and the whole nine yards for this semester's lab.  Good times. *groan*  At least the school color is a flattering color for me.  I have an hour break in between clinicals and my next class, so I WILL be changing into civilian garb afterward for the sake of sanity.

I may blog more frequently this semester, as I'll have more odd moments here and there. and I'll have to take time to unfocus from intense study occasionally.  But for now, it's nose-to-the-grindstone. School IS my job, and I'm happy in my work.

Monday, August 26, 2013


I love the little boots she's wearing.   I like the song too.  Nursing school starts today. 


I wish the first class weren't Practical Statistics for Nursing.  NOT that I thought there would be something like "Basketweaving For Nurses" but...  Well, ya know.

I'm NOT Whining.

I'm not.

Onwards and upwards, and all that stuff.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: why its taking mommy so long to make jelly today

I'm about to make another (larger) batch of Apricot Rosemary Jelly, but it's hard to un-lap the wee brown ones. I'll get around to it, but for now, it's a lovely day with peaceful music playing on Pandora, and life is sweet. 

A pretty melody for all my friends and family, whom I love dearly...

...and particularly for Mom and Dad. I think you'll like this. :)

River Flows In You by Yiruma

Overheard at Casa del Phlegm:

Me:  The NSA bugged the UN Headquarters.
Himself:  Good! That's what we're paying them for.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weirdo Transvestite. (profanity alert)

[Potty language in video, so watch at your own discretion, and prolly NSFW.   ;-*]

So, the Manning thing.

We all have our own worlds to live through.  I can't crawl inside someone else's psyche and determine what they actually are feeling or thinking.  We have to take some things at face value.  When someone says to their friends and family (or to the whole world) that they are trapped in a wrong body, I would not presume to say they are lying. I am certain their struggle is genuine and a very painful one, and my heart goes out to them.  I joke that I'm actually tall and statuesque, but genetics speak otherwise, so I try to be clean, presentable and to make the most of my humble assets.  For some people, though, there is a more profound disconnect between their physical gender and the way their brain is hard-wired.  Again- we can't PROVE what is someone's head, but I believe them when they say that despite their outward appearance, they self-perceive as opposite gender.

I realize there are tendencies-- many boys tend to play with toy fire-engines and many girls will gravitate to the dolls and tea-sets-- but I don't hold that certain tasks or habits are male- or female-exclusive.  I know many women who mow the lawn and bring home the bacon to Mr. Mom who quite happily washes the dishes and laundry and gets the kids off to school.  Truth be known, I think in most households, there is a division of labor along very personal lines that don't have to do with gender.  (Personally, I'd love Mr. Tolewyn to come tidy up my house, and I'm sure it makes his skin crawl to visit, as he is OCD and peculiarly tidy and I am, well, me!)  Further, I don't think most people analyze everything they do and think "is this a masculine or feminine thing?" as they go through their day.  To do so would be exhausting, unbalanced and silly.

This is a bit of a ramble, and I'll try to get my mud into enough of a ball that you can see my point.  People going through gender-identity issues have enough cruel crap to deal with in life without some traitorous person hitching his big bag of bullshit to their wagon.  Manning has gotten him/herself into a world of shit by his/her own actions, and should now have the grace, decency and dignity to not make a greater spectacle of him/herself by associating people with gender identity issues with Manning's actions and the consequences thereof.

In Big City, I had several residents in various stages of gender reassignment and they were lovely, low-key people who were just trying to live an external life that reflected their innermost being.  They were quiet, unassuming, and frankly they were the opposite of flamboyant dressers.  Most people with gender identity issues are remarkably average and just trying to get through life as people do, and most are not trying to call attention to themselves, believe it or not.  And they were all very likeable.

While I do not dispute that Manning is clearly a muddled individual, my belief is that genuine or not, Manning's gender identity issues did not result in his treasonous behavior.

Here's a video of Eddie Izzard (LOVE him) a male lesbian comedian performing in a frock and makeup and talking about perceptions of transvestites.  I see no problem with him getting tarted up, and he is actually quite attractive, though he's not a pretty lady.  Here he talks about some distinctions which-- although a completely different issue than Manning's revelation-- shape public perception in a way that skews from the (for lack of a better term) norm.


Thursday, August 22, 2013


I started the day expecting to get through it with flying colors, kicking ass and taking names. I got all gussied up, makeup, dress, the whole bit. I was in a great mood. 

After about an hour at work, my eyes were feeling a little gritty, irritated. Hmm. I'm not having an allergy... By noon, my eyes were streaming constantly. Went to my boss and told him I was having a problem. Kept working through bleary eyes.  Ball of goo in one eye. This isn't good. Went to lunch at 1 and told the other boss I needed to leave. He asked if I was going to the dr, and I said I was going to try to get in to see one, and he said to bring a Note from the dr. 

Mind you, I maybe have called in sick one or two days a year-- rarely. Other people call in sick 2 or 3 times a month and have emergency absences left and right.  I was offended by this instruction. I asked why he'd need a note (my eyes were CLEARLY fuctup) and he said "to see what's wrong with you."

Hippa, much??? None of his business. 

Any the hoo, I have pinkeye. High grode factor on this stuff. Oh, and I can't go to work tomorrow, either, because I'll still be contagious. Yes: I am a vector of disease. 

This throws a wrench in all the big plans I had for the next several days. At least it'll be done with by the time I'm in school on Monday. 

Monday! Yay! Monday begins a whole new chapter. *excited!*

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

If Obama had three sons... (or would this make four?)

The Melbourne Herald Sun has the cojones to print what CBS doesn't.

I will say that without having seen any particulars on the young men in question, I say they should be tried as adults and summarily executed.  All three, not just the trigger man, if there was only one, which I doubt. 

How incredibly vile.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: play date weekend with Heidi

Mochi, Heidi and Chuy are plumb tuckered out after constant romping. Cuteness!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gonna take a sedimental journey...

Jennifer and Mike came to town with Her Royal Heidiness, and they brought a lovely port. We noshed on cheese and veg for dinner last night, had hobo dinners for lunch today and a brisket is cooking for dinner.  Yum. Good friends. Good port. The sediment is all the remains. Salad is made for dinner. Nice weekend. Nice end to my vacation. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

For Lin

Ducks, lining up.

I've yet to purchase my textbooks for my classes, but I'm otherwise somewhat ready for the beginning of school a week from Monday.

Cleaning and organizing a bit at home today on this last day of my last paid vacation for probably a couple of years (going part time in a week!).  Going to do a fair bit of canning, too.  Lovely, freakishly cool and rainy day.  Normally in mid-August, the mercury would be creeping up to 100 by this time of day, but instead, it's a glorious 66 degrees.  THIS is my kind of weather. Beautiful.
Crappy thing to follow, though, will be mosquito trucks and a non-crispy lawn that actually needs mowing.  There had to be a down-side. :)  I'll take it, though.

Canning some stuff today and I'll give you a report on that later. Hoping it will work out well. :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

R.I.P. Brou

With great sadness I learned of the passing of my dear friend's dog, Brou.  He was a marvelous dog, so smart, extremely well behaved and a lovely gentleman of a dog.  My heart aches for the grief I know Lin is going through now.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Made a B in Microbiology...

...which was an anodyne to my water heater going splodey at the house before I left for the test yesterday morning.   Fortunately, it was gushing from the top and I was able to shut the water off before more than a gallon or two had splattered to the floor.  Himself gallantly came riding in on his trusty steed to manage the fallout as I ran off for the test. 

That water heater's days have been numbered for a great long while, and replacing it was inevitable. I'm thankful I happened to be home when it pulled a gusher-- that could have been a scary mess with water on the floor and the puppies running around, and the water heater is very close to big electrical appliances. *shudder*  So thankful something bad didn't happen. :)   Don't get me wrong: I like my house and the stuff I have, but they're making more stuff every day. My pups' well-being is the only thing under this roof that matters to preserve, at the end of the day.  So people/puppies  + safe = all's well.

I came home after the test, regrouped and made it in to work a little early. Met Himself after work at Home Despot for the new WH and he and Tolewyn heroically installed the infernal thing.  Guess what? The new one is noticeably better than the old one.  Yays. 

I was already solid for a B in the class, and I didn't score highly enough on the exam to kick it up to an A, but I'm happy with a B.  I feel I deserved that and I am content.

OH! I'm on vacation for the rest of this week, and I've been a big goof-off so far today. Watched a French film from the 70s, and a doctor tells a person they have "severe treponema."  I had a microbiology moment when I knew, instantly that broad has syphilis.  Yeah. It was one of those types of movies because: French.  Anyway.  She looked so pretty and healthy.  Who woulda thunk it?  Anyway, see how useful Microbiology can be???

And can B.  WOO HOO!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Final tomorrow.

Finished up my studying/reading early in the day, and then did a full review of my work on the material for the test.  I'll read through it all again tomorrow morning.

Subject is DNA/RNA viruses.  Amazing how many have direer as a primary symptom, and with most of them, it's a safe bet to remember they are caused by poor personal hygiene and consuming contaminated water/food.    Pathways for contracting these delightments include fecal-oral.  That sentence included two words I wish didn't happen in a sentence together.  I'll let you figure out which two.  Yuck.

 Vector-borne pathogens are a little easier to remember because they seem a little more distinctive.  This is all incredibly interesting.  I've crammed a lot of learning into a short amount of time, but I wish I could read more slowly, really take it in at a more deliberate pace to chew it all over and digest it.  Needs must.  It is how it had to be.  This is certainly among the text books I'll be keeping for future reference, though.  11 hours from now, this class will be done.   *relief*

OMG x infinity

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: Mochi the Nomnivorous

It's been hot so I put this thin coverlet on the bed. I have to watch it because Mochi will try to nom nom the nubbiny bits. In fact, at one point I pulled about a foot of the stuff out of her gullet. Mochi never misses an opportunity to nibble on forbidden fruit. And forbidden other stuff. 

4:08 am and life is sweet

Mochi is snuggled to the front of my feet, Praline is glued to my back, and Chuy is having a mommy cuddle moment nestled in my arms. I love my little pack. They are a handful, but they bring absolute joy to every day. 

Got a lot of great studying done so far. About an hour more of work, then it's time for a review. Would be neat to hit it out if the park and scooch my grade up to an A, but this'll do. It's all good, at this point. Very content. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

This story really got to me:

The ever-gallant Old NFO has posted a story about a couple of cops who did a very good deed.  Go check out his post and read the link

My Dad and Mom are people like that-- they actively help people who they see struggling.  All my life I've seen them take people under their wings, help them out.  One of my favorite stories about Dad was one brutally hot summer day, a man came to the shop needing car repairs, and on the list was topping off the coolant for the air-conditioner.  The car was old and shabby, and in the passenger seat was a downcast young mother, two dirty little kids were in the backseat, unkempt and red-faced in the heat.  Dad gave the man the quote for repairs, and he told Dad just to do the vital things to keep the car running, and not to bother with the coolant.  The woman and children sat quietly in the car during the entire repair.  This bothered my Dad.  He went about his business efficiently, not discussing his actions with the man.  When the repairs were completed, Dad started up the car and he told the man to meet him in the office to collect payment where he would charge the man the prearranged amount to keep the car running.  When the man was out of sight, Dad reached in to the dash and flipped the switch on the AC, and the glorious balm that is conditioned air began to pour out of the vent.  Dad said the look of surprise and then gratitude on the woman's face was more than enough payment for whatever he put into it, and he hated to see those little kids in such misery.  It cost him something to do that, yet he had the instinct to do a kindness to which he was not obliged.  I think in his mind, though, he didn't see this as an optional act.  Sometimes, when you want the world to be a better place, you have to take action to make it better for someone else.

I have countless such stories of both my parents' selfless acts.  They are absolutely golden.

You never know how a kind act can turn a person's life around, either.  These two men are going to inspire a lot of people to go a little above and beyond when an opportunity arises to do a person a kindness.  And if you think about it, it's even more startling to see such generosity in someone who works in Law Enforcement, because they are daily bombarded with the very worst that society has to offer.  No one ever calls 911 to say what a wonderful, peaceful day they are having. We are in their debt, and yet, they look for ways to help when they can.  It's nice to know the world is still turning out folks like that.

Things are taking shape!

Tidied up loose ends for school. Parking permit ordered, and all that stuff.  I'm getting so excited.  I start school two weeks from Monday.  Hard to believe, and so very heartening.

I'm studying this weekend, but I don't have to lose my mind over it, either, because despite my initial failing test grade (a chagrin-inducing 55.5), subsequent high grades have pulled my average up to a B. The lowest test grade will be dropped, and Monday's final is included in that group, so I'm passing no matter what.  I'm tremendously relieved, and delighted to see my hard work pay off beyond my expectations, since I was aiming for a C.  In this case, over-shooting the mark is to be desired.

Trying to get mi casa out of a state of critical mess.  Monday I work after the final, and then I'm on vacation for the rest of the week.  I'm making a trot down to Dallas for a couple of days, and it's mostly going to be a matter of getting my ducks generally in a row so I take the lot of  'em out with one slug.

I'm going to be bouncing off the walls by the time school starts.  I expect I'm going to need that energy.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Cocteau's La Belle et la Bête, 1946

Very operatic. Very.

Don't know why, but something stirred in me with these scenes other than just the fact that I want live-arm sconces in my palatial abode: this is very stagey and romantic in so many of the best ways.*  The live-arm sconces are rather book-endish in a negative fashion with another iconic hallway of filmdom: in The Wizard of Oz(1939), the doorman is actually the wizard himself- the Wizard is either an obsessive freak who can't/won't trust minions to do his bidding, or they all went on strike due to his tyrannical ways, and now he has to do everything himself.  Cocteau's Beast strikes a brilliant contrast by displaying organic light fixtures devoted solely to imparting perfect lighting on the ingénue.  Lucky broad!  Poor bored workaday saps!  Or maybe the Beast just grew the beauty-seeking candelabrae in a borosilicate dish in a lab? Maybe they are whole people behind the wall? Maybe not? Maybe someone wealthy and powerful is supported by an army of lackeys with their nuts in a vise behind a wall where they are faceless, their pain unmeasured, unsung and unremarkable, always entering via the servants' quarters at the back?   My vote is for remotely sentient arms grown in a dish in a lab.

I will always feel something is lost for the abandonment of black-and-white film: the duochrome gives the suggestion of unreality that I think we really seek in film-- something that didn't/wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't happen.  We can explore hideous possibilities from within the safe confines of a plush theatre seat, mindlessly munching away at buttered banged grains**.  The black and white makes it safer to observe at remove.  Wim Wenders' Wings Of Desire is the pinnacle of filmdom for me for its clever use of color/B&W-- poetic, bracing and life-affirming in a way to which few films aspire.

Very lame that I can't remember which (but I'm blaming the Zinfandel)-- either Plato or Socrates said that concepts we would find untenable in reality are safely explored within the confines of the theatre.  We don't have to hate an author for the death of a beloved hero in a novel.  Sometimes it's beautiful to observe an idea in action which is displayed in fine form to beautiful effect.  I love this scene from Jean Cocteau's Beauty and The Beast.  [Then again, I love that crazy bitch torturing James Caan in Misery.]

I believe anyone who loves and who is loved sees himself as one or the other of the ubiquitous characters of this story at one time or another.  "How can he/she love me? I'm a beast."  "How can I love him/her: he/she is a beast?"  Of course, we can call it a fiction, but it's all true.   Ultimately, we are happiest who figure out what utter calisthenics of bullshitlery it is even to wonder such things.  What is, is.  Best to enjoy the very pretty moments, beautiful staging and idealized billowing diaphanous drapes lovingly licking at the heroine in useless hallways with live-action arm sconces.

*I always loved the moments before the audience is allowed into the theatre when the stage techs go out with spray bottles and mist the stage so that dust doesn't come billowing up as the players tread the boards.  Must always preserve the visual spectacle.  Ah, the opera!

**Discworldese for popcorn
I lurveses you, Terry Pratchett.  I lurveses you so hard.

Today's perfume sample is Patchouli Impérial by Christian Dior

I'm going to have to give a full review later, but so far, Patchouli Impérial seems like a winner.  Though it's marketed for men, I don't let those sorts of labels limit me.  In truth, there are some fragrances I've worn once then said "definitely for a dude" and bequeathed the sample on Himself, but I always let my nose make up my own mind. It would be criminal to allow labels to spoil one's pleasure, particularly in a medium which can impart such delights.

Fig leaf/tree is not listed as an accord in this one, but at the opening, I'm definitely smelling something akin to that scent, and I'm loving it.  The way scent works is the smaller molecules zing past in the beginning, and the bigger, fat molecules emerge later after the flighty top notes have evaporated.  I expect some beasting patchouli and sandalwood T minus 2 hours.  Top note of coriander is massive in this -- LOVE it.  Come to think of it, my nose may be confusing the coriander for fig leaf. Anyway -- more on the outcome later.

 I bought a lovely 5mL sample on Surrender To Chance last week for about $12. At $400 a pop, I won't be acquiring a 200 mL bottle of this anytime soon, but I will be savoring my sample, if all goes as I expect it to.

End-of-day update: about 14 hours down the line, most of this fragrance has evaporated, but there remains a faintly sweet, musky patchouli. It smells just slightly funky in the way that honey smells a little funky, you know?  I'll be keeping this one for myself.   It's gorgeous, and I'm pleased to have this large sample.  I'll get quite a few wearings out of this, but my student status renders this far too dear for my impoverished state.  For being a straightforward patchouli fragrance, it's one of the prettier and more subtle I've smelled.  This is a fragrance that announces its wearer as a dyed-in-the-wool-but-the-dip-didn't-take Bohemian. 

For those who wondered, I won't insult Himself by giving him this one-- he'd only snort at me anyway.  And I'll wear this again, just not as much as Coromandel or Calamity.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

...and we're almost done!

To my amazement, I have only one test left and Micro is done. I'm on track for a very solid B.  That's taking into account my very low first test grade.  However, if I rock out the final test, and the dropped grade is the first one, I could actually get an A.  I've been a study zombie.  I've studied and studied and studied.  I'm sort of in shock, because I really, honestly, was only going for a C.  A or B in this intense, condensed course seemed nigh impossible. 


I'm going to study before work.  TTYL!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Sheriff Bullock strikes again!

squicked out.

I acquired a Hotmail email address when it was in its infancy, within a few weeks of their beginning, I think.  1996? Something like that.  Whatever. It's been a long time.  My current email address is a Hotmail account I've had since about 97, and was the second I set up there. 
I just tried to sign in an the system is now requiring me to enter a phone number, which I never have done.  I've been annoyed that if I open YouTube while signed in to the Blogger/Google godhead, the system in YouTube demands I set up a user name there, blah blah blah.  I X out of it, sign out of the other and then open YouTube with a la di da and no hassles.

Sorry.  For a great long while I've known there's no absolute anonymity on the intarwebs, and I realize that all these systems track from which machines you sign in, etc, but I have, until now, resisted entering phone numbers that link all that mess together.  Looks like there will be no way around it, or I'll lose my Hotmail account, which is my only link with some folks.  This is a dilemma, to me.  I'm annoyed, to say the least.  Signing in, the system said I have 7 days to enter the information.

Or what?

They'll close my account? 

Maybe it's time I pay for an account with someone/something that doesn't share all its information with the Googleborg.  Anyone have suggestions for a different email system?

Okay -- update-- it just wanted a phone number if I didn't enter a new alternative email address, which I have done.  I think it's only a matter of time before the phone number is demanded, too.  Still, time to start paying for an independent service, I think?  I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I haven't made a close personal study of this, but...

How's come all those vampire movies and tv shows don't have any dowdy, homely, awkwardly uncool vampires*?  These are supposed to be centuries- or millennia-old vampires and we're supposed to believe they have a contemporary Southern American accent and don't prefer wearing the attire of a more graceful age-- one which they saw firsthand?  It seems an vampirism and Asperger's would go together like, well, like clubs and baby seals.

*besides Eddie from True Blood.  True Blood skews the whole thing by showing vampires grooming-- Eric is totally camp in hair-dye foils. "Pam's gonna kill me!"

Monday, August 05, 2013

flowers for perfume

I want to visit England again, in this life, and I'd also like to see Venice.  The third destination on my short must-see list is Grasse where many of the flowers are grown for the world's finest perfumes. 

Pretty.  Can you imagine smelling WONDERFUL after a day of hard work? I can.


Sunday, August 04, 2013

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: Praline in repose

A rare moment of morning stillness. When she is not wiggling or savaging squirrelses, Praline is fiercely cuddly and adorable. Sun in the window at this angle  is a harbinger of Fall, a sweet anticipation on the dawn of a day that will be 106F. 

Saturday, August 03, 2013


I have the emergency phone this weekend, and it's been the worst, ever.  We're talking revolving door of screaming hormonal people -- yes, some are even female-- and spouses tag-teaming me.  I had to tell someone The Ugly Truth about How The World Works at one point, and she calmed down forthwith, but my blood pressure. Egads!

I haven't studied a whit, and I have a major test Monday.  And a take-home test due Wednesday.  Tomorrow MUST be better.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Gram-positive pathogens.

Includes Staph, Strep, botulinum and many other exotic little deadlies. 

The saving grace of this info-dense course is how endlessly intriguing it all is. Enjoying it, but glad this gauntlet will be run in 11 days. I only have about 200 more pages to read before then. Ugh.