Saturday, September 15, 2007

The week finally ground to a close, somewhat.

Early Friday evening, though, my sister called me up and told me that she had come in the house and apparently there was a skunk under the house that--as Ambrose Bierce so artfully stated-- had "uttered the inaudible discord of its race."

Anyway, Sis & BIL have been in major spruce-up mode in preparation for putting their house on the market.

Anyone have tips on skunk odor remediation in a 100+ year old wooden house? I'm guessing dipping it in tomato sauce is not going to be an option... There MUST be something can be done?

Friday afternoon, Holly so graciously drove into Dallas and brought me a favorite dish from a favorite restaurant I haven't visited in years. Thanks, Hols - you're a peach! Anyway, it was nice to sit in the office, chatting laughing with her, as I've done sore little laughing in that room lately. Today was a three-fer, as someone brought me a goody basket/thank you thingie, someone sent flowers AND then I get to see Holly on top of all that? Bonus round!

I hope to get some rest this weekend and to be better at pinching off work next week - I'm still not 100% myself, and I feel in danger of getting sick again. Going to laze about this weekend, and we'll see how I feel next week. I may need to take an extra day off or some such.

Anyhoo - anyone with suggestions on the skunky deal, please don't be shy.


Lin said...

As long as el skunko no longer lives under the house and hasn't been startled into giving off a squirt or two of that charming yellow juice, they might get away with a high RPM box fan airing of the space. Maybe throw a moth ball or two in front of the fan, too.
I'll not go into my own experience with that skunk juice on my old white shepherd/coyote and the Psycho tomato bath tub scene that Mark found us in at 2AM. Yink - yink - yink!!!
Best of luck to your sis in that quest and my sympathies.

Anonymous said...

No advise on skunk oder.

I suggest you spend the weekend relaxing, maybe take one of those candle lit baths you told us about awhile back and read a good book. Take care of yourself and rest.

Holly is just so sweet and if you're looking for a good laugh she's the one to have around.

DBA Dude said...

What is it with your sister and skunks? Have been trawling through your archives and saw that this has occurred before.

Take it that moth balls are not an option?

Anonymous said...

I Googled skunk odor removal and found this receipe.

phlegmfatale said...

lin - I'm not sure it's been living under there, but I s'pose it might've. She has a massive dog, and I would have thought polecat types would have steered clear.
That 2 AM bath sounds wild. I'll bet the dog was not happy.

lainy - yeah, a nice long bath sounds wonderful. I think I'll do that.
Yes, Holly is an absolute delight.

dba dude - You're a sharp one, you are. Yes, it was a bit over 5 years ago when the skunk thing happened before. Moth balls are indeed not an option.

myron - Thanks - I'm sure she'll see your comment and click the link. Sounds like a pain in the butt to get rid of the odor, but doable.

phlegmfatale said...

myron - I just clicked on your remedy link- BRILLIANT. I laughed and laughed. I think sissy will, too.

Anonymous said...

not as horrible this morning or I've gotten use to it, last night it smelled like a toxic, firey, smothering, give you a headache smell, now it is just skunky
yes, dba dude, mine is a very exciting life. I like skunk better than mothballs and thanks myron, I'm gonna try that. Sis, you can smell me in a bit, see you at moms. Thanks everyone, A

Bonnie said...

Try the box fan idea for under the space, and get some of those Oust scented oil candles. Apparently they can work some sort of voodoo magic on bad smells.

Anonymous said...

Places that rent carpet cleaning machines have some powerful stuff to take pet odors out of things, triple the mix they recommend, at least, and spray it all over in the space it happened in. Wear cover-alls and goggles, or better yet, hire somebody to do it cheap. Good luck, all bad things pass eventually, and other meaningless-but-well-meant platitudes...

phlegmfatale said...

sis - your kids didn't smell skunky

squeaky wheel - She's going to try that, I think, but maybe not putting the candles under the house...

bindersix - OK - that's good to know. I looked that up, and they also mentioned Ozone machines, which I KNOW work on other stubborn odors, too.

Yes, all things pass - it certainly passed for the skunk, didn't it?

NotClauswitz said...

There's an industrial-type masking spray you can get at hotel-motel supply places that's supposed to cling-to and negate such odors. I think they use it in places where people croaked. We sprayed it liberally at/under a friend's little cottage that suffered a similar fate.
I'd put it into a big, garden, Hudson type pump-sprayer and use a long spray-wand to reach deep under the house. Good luck!