Thursday, March 02, 2006

States I've visited. Um, you can kind of tell I'm a road trip kind of gal, can't you? Husband and I are taking a road trip in November, in fact, and maybe I can add some states to my list. Before hitting the road, I like to check out the route against the oddities listed in Roadside America. After all, it would be a pity to drive within miles of the world's largest olive sculpture or a two-headed calf pickled in brine and miss out on it, wouldn't it? Most excitingly, RA features a comprehensive map of all the Muffler Men left in America. Here is a Muffler Man from my own fair city. If you're a little off-kilter, like myself, here's the muy fabuloso page at RA on Muffler Men and this big butch icon of American commerce, long may she wave. No need to thank me, really, I'm happy to help!

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SJ said...

I did this thing a while back - there are loads more states I have to visit. Hope to get a few in this year :)

phlegmfatale said...

Yeah, there is so much to see here. It's a pretty interesting country.

Barbara said...

You have never been to Florida? Even I have been to Florida. I can only claim the eastern coastal states mostly because they are on the drive over to Florida from Montreal. What I remember most is you don't speed in Georgia!

CP said...

While I am thrilled to see you have been to New York...thank goodness, HOW could you have been on this coast and NOT been to Florida?

Not that I think Florida is all that. It isn't. I live here now. Not bragging, but hell, it is the tourist trap of the Eastern coast of the US!

Come to the Mouse! Come to the Mouse!


Becky said...

If you do head straight north up to the Dakotas, the Badlands in S.D. are phenomenal. And being the movie whore that I am, I also enjoyed seeing the plains, where Dances With Wolves was filmed.

phlegmfatale said...

barbara and cp - when the family unit finally ventured to Florida, I had flown the coop, and I have never been inclined to go there on my own. Maybe some day I'll get sucked into the mouse's tractor beam. Actually, my parents always talked of a magnificent old Spanish fort in Florida that it would be interesting to see.

becky - yeah, the Badlands have been an intriguing image to me since I saw the magnificent 70s film "Badlands" with Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen. It looks like a landscape of haunting beauty. I'll love making that trip, I know.