Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Pat's!

Had a marvelous time out with dear, evil Liz for sushi and darling wicked Lisa for lunch. I introduced Lisa to a place entirely new to her (she was smitten - for I know all the hep joints in town), and Liz and I ate little fried crabs that looked like the face-huggers from alien. Ah, sweet revenge! That dish was called Kogani Kara Age. Some of the little legs fell off, but your humble narrator is nothing if not deft with a pair of chopsticks and no amount of chitinous material was spared.

We had a marvelous sashimi Aji (Spanish Mackerel), and the waitress took the car
cass to the kitchen and fried it for us, and I got the tail fins, and Liz graciously allowed me to eat most of the head, including both eyeballs. Yum! What's the point of eating something that had a face if you don't eat the face, right?Liz had some difficulty controlling her paper chopstick wrapper, and I suggested chopstick/wrapper coupling wmv.s may be an unrealized niche online market.

The immaculate Robin Guthrie has a cd coming out in May, and you can hear a dreamy track

I understand enormous storms are in the forecast for the weekend for north Texas, and I'm going to sit doing beadwork in a much-windowed room and enjoy the display. I can't wait - LOVE LOVE lurve dreary weather. Sweet.


Tickersoid said...


Big legs - Good.
Little legs - Bad.

:P fuzzbox said...

I have never ate Spanish Mackaral but that presentation looks cool. Happy St. Pat's.

guerrilla blogger said...

mmmmm, sushi...i was spoiled though, after living in japan for four years, now eating sushi here in the states, especially here in arizona. but i still go, cause i love the sushi....nothing says st pats day like tasty ass sushi...

SJ said...

That's one hell of a fish!

Ben Heller said...

Jesus Phlegm, I couldn't even look at that, never mind eat it.

Liz said...

You calling me evil? Pot. kettle...Ahem.

But it was fun and the shoes rock. It wasn't my fault that the chopstick wrapper leapt to its death.

nongirlfriend said...

I wouldn't mind the rain most times but hell, after all this "drought" shit, did it have to rain the weekend my bathroom's being renovated? Fuck.

phlegmfatale said...

tickersoid - damn skippy!

fuzzbox - it's amazing, Spanish Mackerel. Yum.

guerrilla blogger - hahahaha - that was great - "nothing says st pats day like tasty ass sushi..." - i love it!

ian - yup. great presentation

ben - my dad would say that's bait, and not fit for a proper meal

nongirlfriend - hell, hon, it probably rained BECAUSE you're doing your bathroom - maybe you should have major renovations more often so we won't HAVE a drought!