Sunday, March 19, 2006

Our pool level has risen more than 6 inches since the rain started in the wee hours of yesterday morning. Glorious! I crave rain - I'm always more creative and energized during dreary weather - so it's ironic that I live in such a dry place as Texas. Still, the people here are very friendly and at least there is an upside.

Soundtrack for this rainy day:

One of my favorite songs ever "Swamp Thing" from Strange Times by Chameleons UK - released 1986. Incredible song.

Also, listening to the vibey- mood-enhancing "Spiritual Spiritual" by B-tribe. Exquisite. Particularly track #8, which is an hypnotic ambient variation on Joaquin Rodrigo's extraordinary Adagio from "Concierto de Aranjuez." Dreamy.

Books/Music wot I bought today Just went to the local book/music/coffee emporium and picked up the next novel in the Outlander series, and Purple Hibiscus which I'll read as soon as I finish my book today. Some series of books, such a Piers Anthony - I like to read consecutively, because they are generally fast and pretty entertaining. The Outlander series is more of a palate cleanser, light, bodice-ripper-ish without succumbing to a Harlequin Romance degree of schlock, and I'll read them in-between heavier reading. I also picked up new cds by Neko Case and The Wood Brothers, and an ultra groovy space-age-jungle-lounge re-issue called The Best of Martin Denny's Exotica, which will be required listening when I'm tooling around town with the sun roof open this summer and while lolling with a book in/around the pool.


LJ said...

Okay, that's two Purple Hibiscus readers on the blogsphere. I'm going to have to catch up.

And rain? Speaking from the city that gets the most rain in Canada - would you like to house swap a while? We got rain, baby. And fog. Do you like pea soup fog, doors that swell and won't close, damp furniture and sheets? Have I got a vacation paradise for you! And strangely - we're still very friendly.

Texas, here I come.

:P fuzzbox said...

Isn't the rain great!! It has been raining since Friday here. Let 'er rain.

Becky said...

It's interesting how people think that Seattle is so rainy when TX really has more on an annual basis. It's just that you downpour and we have more of a sprinkle thing going. Hope it stops before it starts to flood.

Tickersoid said...

There's no end of miserable weather over here.

'Swamp Thing'
Does that have the lyric, 'Let me be your swamp thing 'til the real one comes around'?

If it does, it may be a cover of a song by the 'Sensational Alex Harvey Band', from their amazing album 'Next'.

Liz said...

You know the creekbed at the end of our little neighborhood? Yeah, totally flooded. Storm drains? Flooded. I'd like the weather to save a bit for later, when we can absorb it better!

Tickersoid said...

The combination of your comment moderation activation and your prolific writing, is making visits a little unrewarding.

Ben Heller said...

Has anyone ever mentioned that your music taste errs on the side of Leftfield ? That's cool though

phlegmfatale said...

lj - you're on. Let's do the house-swap thingie asap. You may make free use of my beading stuff while you're here.

fuzzbox - yes, rain! Bliss!

becky - yeah, Seattle just gets more drizzle and overcast. I'd LOVE that, actually.

tickersoid *Tee hee * no - it doesn't have that lyric - but that one sounds like a keeper. Yeah, when I visit England, I always try to come in the winter so I'll get a little cold and wet weather - I love it over there.

liz - yeah, 'tis a pity most of this will simply run off, but hopefully the lakes and reservoirs will get topped off, a bit. Let me know if I need to paddle over in a dinghy and rescue you

tickersoid - sorry - you don't like my prolific writing? I switched on comment moderation after I started getting spam with links to unrelated sites in my comments. I hate to disappoint you

ben - well, being the music afficionado, you would be qualified to make that critique. I just know that I've never met anyone who knows everything musical I completely dig. Except, maybe you, and as I said before, I bow to your superior knowledge. Besides, I've always liked music that was a little more profound and a little more complex than the usual pop drivel we are served, so I dig a little deeper, I'd like to think...

Will said...

We have been having some dreary weather here in SF, as well. I need to channel that into my creative energy. Neko Case - now there is some good music for a dreary day, or a sunny day, or really any day.

phlegmfatale said...

Amen, will. I'm totally sold on Neko Case, by now. Love love love her.