Friday, October 24, 2008

Wow. Obama has some really classy supporters. Since he already hangs out with thugs, he no doubt is as proud of them as they are of him.
[update friday night - looks like that didn't happen, after all, showing that even excepting west Pennsylvania racist rednecks, there's plenty of low-class to go around. I do, however, stand by the statement about consorting with thugs.]

If my apartment gets trashed after the election by rioters, will FEMA hook me up? Just wondering....

Here's a great article by Thomas Sowell entitled "Do Facts Matter?"

I have to say this evening that I'm feeling a little disheartened. Earlier this week I had occasion to see a friend and former neighbor who has always prided himself on being a conservative black republican. I asked him if he was as sick of election season as I am, and he said "I'm doing my own thing, tuning it out. I was going to vote for McCain, but then he picked Palin and she won't quit running her mouth, so now I'm going to have to vote for Obama." I wanted to say that I was happy to hear he wasn't voting for Obama for some lame reason.

I scraped my jaw off the floor and said "I like Sarah" and he said "she's hot, but she's not saying anything."

I just couldn't even begin to argue with him. I mean, how does one span the gulf between espousing conservative Republican ideology to justify voting for Obama? If I morally couldn't vote for one candidate, I'd seek out the candidate who best represented my views, rather than the person who SHOULD have gotten my vote. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but I think Palin is just an excuse for him, and not the real reason he's voting for B.O.

We are cursed to live in interesting times, it would appear.



Mauser*Girl said...

Quote: "If my apartment gets trashed after the election by rioters, will FEMA hook me up? Just wondering...."

Well, you're already female. If you're also a minority, either in terms of race or religion, they probably will. ;)

HollyB said...

I LURVE the first part of this post. And I heartily agree.
Remember, B.O. would NOT qualify for a security clearance if he wanted to join the Armed Forces OR become a Federal Agent due to his associations.

Anonymous said...

Neither would Clinton. AAMOF, ISTR that most of the White House staff during his administration never DID get security clearances.

Not that that stopped them.

I. Do. Not. Get. Turncoats. What?! Did your principles not persuade you the first time around? Or did you never have any?


Rabbit said...

As I have a Q clearance, I have to say that I've had the Grand Government Proctoscope Examination. I found out that they even asked folks I went to high school with about me, along with neighbors from 2+ moves ago.

Even after all that, they still can't tell me about Roswell.

I dunno, I have yet to hear anything the media considers 'stupid' come out of S.P.'s mouth. It's like she's vocalizing my 'inner voice' to some degree, except mine is more basso profundo, is completely unfiltered as to pc quality of content and cusses a lot more.


g bro said...

So, you're saying that it's a black thing? Just go ahead and say it.

Vinogirl said...

It's not just a lame excuse. It's the 'birds of a feather' syndrome.

phlegmfatale said...

mausergirl - mebbe i won't have to find out

hollyb - it's a puzzle

mark - I'm baffled myself. I can't account for it

rabbit - I haven't heard her say anything stupid, either. I think they're intimidated, to say the least.

g bro - No, I didn't say that but it's interesting that you would say it's a black thing. My point was that it's interesting that someone who has reveled in shocking people by telling them he's a conservative republican would vote for someone so at odds with conservatism. Maybe it was only ever chain-yanking. Dunno, he's always known I was more Libertarian than anything, so mebbe he was trying to shock me? Because it makes no sense- I can't account for it.

vinogirl - Perhaps he's finally found a degree of social pressure he simply can't defy. I may never understand, but I'm not going to ask him, either.

g bro said...

Rush said it about Colin Powell. That's what I was thinking of.
Anybody who tries to shock you is clearly misguided ;-)

phlegmfatale said...

g bro - I didn't know Rush said that, but I've never really thought of Colin Powell as a conservative, though.

Anonymous said...

This is the type of ignorant Christian Nationalism, where hillbilly gut instincts and religious edicts trump knowledge and reason, that corrupt Republicanism has devolved into. This is what is meant to be “conservative” these days. It has nothing to do with the conservatism of years past, and everything to do with nativism (notice how Paris, France was included in the mocking- those god damned furriners!), reflexive hatred of the other, suspicion and derision towards those who know something, and cronyism. This woman embodies everything that is wrong with the current Republican party; there is a reason the know-nothings embrace her.
BTW, Phil reads your blog and assinine racist comments like Vinogirl go to show how atavistic you are intellectually.
You follow a ridiculous young earth creationist with a "Mean Girl" mentality and want to be taken seriously?
Wow, I thought you were smart - but you just have an impressive vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and just to see if you get it:

phlegmfatale said...

Whoa, cowboy - you just said a whole lot there, but that doesn't bring us back to how a person can espouse true conservatism-- which I have always believed to be smaller government which is less intrusive on a personal level, first and foremost-- then change to support someone who promotes a nanny-state style government.
When you say "corrupt Republicanism" are you saying the state of being a Republican as in one of our two political parties, or are you objecting to the republic form of government? Then again, I'm a Libertarian, not a Republican, and I have these many years been mortified by the erosion of our Constitution under presidents Republican and Democrat alike.

As for liking Sarah Palin, I am absolutely unapologetic about that. No, religion is not remotely a part of my taste for her. I see her as someone who took the reins and dared to out the corrupt old-boy network that was so firmly ensconced in the highest levels of her government. Yes, she's plain-spoken, but then again, if she feigned a more sophisticated mien, she would be equally lampooned by the media who are so firmly and clearly backing the opposing ticket. You don't like her. I get it.

How is your reference to "hillbilly gut instincts" not a "reflexive hatred of the other?" 'Splain me that, Lucy.

I'd like an example of what you deem suspicion and derision towards those who know something. And since when do I or any other American not have a right to free speech, and why is that a problem for you if I question someone's motive or intelligence? After all, you have no problem impugning mine. I have a problem with your double-standard, which I expect you lack the intellectual or moral fiber to honestly own up to. You have a right to start up your phlegm-hating blog if you like, and I celebrate that right.
How do the statements of another person show me to be atavistic? I have published many comments of others on my blog which I had not thought or had not written of. As for my mention of social pressure, I was in particular thinking of the friend's line of work where I'm sure a lot of folks support Obama. As it happens, I have a lot of dear, life-long friends and family who support Obama, too, but I knew them to be economically liberal, so it does not surprise me.

Incidentally, all my hillbilly relatives up in the Ozarks are yellow-dog democrats, but I suppose in your book that makes them only slightly less stupid than you deem me.

I do find it interesting that "he reads my blog" when he in fact made a pointed comment to me about blogging. I did not take offense because we all get to live our lives as we see fit, ideally, and to-each-his-own, and all that. What I do find surprising, and frankly, unlikely, is that a man as refined and generally gracious as I know him to be would say to me "blogs are for losers" knowing full well I had one, and then make a point to come to mine just to troll me. If, in fact, his comments were simply an attempt to bait me, well, that's far more gauche and lowbrow than I've ever known him to be. Ball-less, even. I've always known him to be a good, decent man who has the backbone to say what he thinks. You may know him, but I don't think you are him.

I don't follow anyone. I didn't ask to be taken seriously by you or anyone else. It may shock you, but I write this for myself, and for no other reason. I celebrate your right not to come here, and I'll try and bear the deprivation of your company as graciously as I am able. I wish you the very best.

phlegmfatale said...

Oh, and I missed where you were referring to Paris France being mocked in that post?

Rabbit said...

Watch who you're calling 'Christian' and 'Republican' there, Captain Thesaurus.

You've never met me. Odds are, it'd be unpleasant for you if you said such things to my face.


Anonymous said...

Everything that guy said, A-