Tuesday, October 21, 2008

THIS is rich... someone in France doesn't want the big economic downturn to pull focus from the enviornmental disaster going on right under our noses. A banking crisis mustn't take the heat off climate change action. Yup, stay the course to keep the public panicked and distracted.

Uh, is there any remote possibility that the whole climate change action is in some small way responsible for manipulating the marketplace? I think so, and if that is the case, then keeping the heat on the climate change action is at least in part responsible for the current economic downturn. How can it not be? The kook fringe at the Greensane Cabal Headquarters are hell-for-leather to punish and impoverish industry and the kind of forward-thinking capitalism which has been the rising tide that has raised all boats. And just like Peta who kill way more animals than they save(yes, even housepets!), improving the planet is not at the root of their movement - it's merely a clever part of the power-grab.

The same folks who bitch about our over-use of plastics and wasting water are utterly ignoring that this same economy in which there is flagrant waste is also the economy that has sent countless billions in medical aid and famine relief around the globe, with no hope or expectation of being treated in kind. The generosity of the nations of the west is unparalleled in the history of humankind. Untold millions are alive today because capitalistic societies allowed folks to flourish and to make a little extra that they might give a little more to help others.

I think now that we've seen how effectively the socialists hobble democracy, it's time we break our shackles and free ourselves from the mooring of moronic and failed European Marxist policies and get on with the business of making the world better for everyone who would be free, whether the Europeans like it or not.

Remember: misery loves company. There are many beauties and distinctive delights in Europe and her peoples, but that doesn't mean they know shit from shinola. They want us to be as miserable as they are. Keep in mind that in Paris, there are neighborhoods of foreign nationals where the French police dare not go, for fear of death. It's not all happy families over there. They've got a mess on their hands and we want no part of that magic.

We had to leave there once, remember? We left for a reason.

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