Monday, October 20, 2008

Add ImageSunday was yet another wondrously lovely day...
About 8am, I stepped out into a crisp, cool morning with the pups. It was so nice. If I were a coffee drinker, I'd have sat in back and drunk an entire pot on such a lovely morning. Life is sweet.
It's funny, but with prolonged heat and dry weather, the moss on this concrete structure in my back yard (my henge) had turned black, but it rained recently, and now it's gone all green again. Lovely stuff. Did you ever look closely enough at moss to see that it's actually teensy green little flowers?
I love the Fall. It's such a gorgeous relief from the brutal heat of summer, and it's as if nature heaves a sigh and just relaxes a bit. Maybe it comes of being an October baby, but days like that make me so happy.
Chuy, Chuychanga, Chu-ManFu, whatever I'm calling him today - he's being pretty assertive with his big sissy. Sometimes it looks like he's getting the best of her, even though he's only half her weight. They usually sleep half the day or more, I expect, while I'm at work, but on days I'm off and home with them, they will fight sleep to try and stay up with me the whole day. This means by 9 or 10 o'clock, they start getting really cranky because they are tired, so they start fighting. If I manage to settle their fighting, then the Ginsu Girlie will just start barking at me. She seems indignant that I don't recognize that my primary function is as her personal heater. Silly me.


Christina RN LMT said...

Lucky! Those days are pretty rare here. We usually go from, "OMG, I'm gonna melt!" to "OMG, I'm gonna freeze!" Or at least that's how it's seemed in the past few must be the fault of evil Global Climate Change!
I can't say that I've ever looked very closely at moss (that I remember), but your picture is lovely.
Ah, yes. Cute yet cranky canines. A very familiar sight in my house. Tucker just sits next to me, nudges my hand/and or whines when he thinks it's past time for me to come to bed. Harley is already curled up under my pillow at that point!

NotClauswitz said...

Moss is cool stuff, nature's velvet carpet.