Saturday, October 25, 2008

When I was a kid, I never got a Hippity Hop. Cruelly denied by my captors, my life has been a search for zat certain somesing. Despite this deprivation, I've never been incarcerated. Now I am sitting at the computer on a yoga ball, listening to Buena Vista Social Club, my Hippity-Hop void has been filled and I am complete.


Anonymous said...

I remember those! I had many a time bouncing around on them,havin' the time of my life.


Christina RN LMT said...

I did have one of those growing up. I don't remember it being as shiny as the ones in the pic, but I loved it so! I pretended I was a kangaroo as I bounced all over the neighborhood. *sigh* Good times.

Anonymous said...

I had one. And I must admit, I didn't get it, either.



Home on the Range said...

Missed out, but Dad always managed to score these giant inner tubes from the logging trucks that weren't useable for that but could be patched. We'd jump on them, and, if you had good balance, you could lay one on it's end, squish it down, and climb on and jump on it. . even better than the hippity hop but if you got jumping too hard it would extend back up the whole way and throw you off. Those were BIG tires for a little kid.