Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A guy in England got shot for wearing an Obama t-shirt.

You have to read 8 paragraphs before you learn he was shot with a "gas-powered ball-bearing pistol."

Good thing guns are illegal there. Otherwise, he might've gotten shot if he tried to protect himself with a legal handgun of his own.


Zelda said...

The UK is full of irony at this point.

Assrot said...

That's hilarious. The most namby pamby, sissified left wing liberal country in the world and someone gets shot with a pellet gun for wearing a T-shirt with the biggest namby pamby, sissified left wing liberal in the world on it.




staghounds said...

But- Europeans LOVE Obama!!!! He's going to get back our respect!!!!

(Yes I know England isn't Europe, but people who say "Europeans LOVE Obama!!!" don't make the distinction.)

Actually if you read the story, he was just shot bu a jackass for being black and in his way.

And ANY projectile from ANY tool or weapon is "SHOT!!!!" in British news. Construction nail, staple, paper clip from rubber band, rubber band...