Friday, March 02, 2007

Since I switched to new blogger, for the life of me I can't figure out the secret handshake to make youtube videos post on the blog, alas.

Sorry I've been such a crashing dullard lately, but this 7-day week of school/work is kicking my butt. I'm glad it'll all be over in 3 weeks. --or at least the sat/sun school will be over.

Ladies - there's a new perfume in town and it's fantastic - you've got to check it out: Sexy 9 by Trish McEvoy.

trust me on this one. You can pick it up at Nordstrom and Bergdorf Goodman. Forget the diapers this month - you've got a new baby to make.

When Calvin Klein came out with Obsession, I liked it, but I didn't like the way it smelled on me. My mom joked me that it should be called "Repellent." Anyway, it made my skin burn, and I stopped wearing it. I'm really picky about fragrances, and I hate cheap scents and high-alcohol fragrances. Recently I bought Prada which has as its high note Bergamot which is one of my favorite herb scents. Bergamot is a flower (which I also grow & adore) also known as Bee Balm and given the Latin name monarda. Bergamot is also the primary flavoring of Earl Gray tea. Yum.

Some fragrances for men smell amazing on me - especially Aramis. Nice. I'm really hankering to get the new Tom Ford Black Orchid scent, which included one of those sample thingies in a magazine I left on the bed last week, opened to that page. I came home, and the little hound dog had been laying on it, apparently, and instead of smelling like her usual little Frito-chip self, she smelled like Black Orchid and Fritos. Hmmm, nice!

It must be strange for people from less commercially obsessed cultures to be around & smell Americans, since everything we wear/use for personal care is scented, these days. I'm all for flavoring things, up to a certain point.

What drives me nuts is scented lady-time products. If one washes on a regular basis, why should it be necessary to buy flavored maxi-pads? Good golly, this is a degree of self-loathing I will never understand.

I also don't understand the appeal of fabric softener sheets for the clothes dryer. Every one I've ever smelled stinks to me, and Hell!, I LOVE chemicals! What's up with that?

John Waters is one man who really got it right when it came to recognizing the important role of the olfactory system in the enjoyment of film. For the movie Polyester, Waters came up with the inspired idea for a scratch'n'sniff lobby card to accompany the delights of the film. The card has scratch sections 1-10 on the back, and admonishes the moviegoer to Wait! Do not scratch until you receive instructions from the film. This shows a great sense of fun, and considering that the film is by John Waters, there is bound to be something foul on at least a couple of these numbers. I've heard #2 is particularly assy. I have a couple of these cards, but I've never scratched them. Perhaps I need to rent this film.
Have a great Friday, y'all!


LawDog said...

On the YouTube site, there will be an 'Embed' code to the right of the clip.

Highlight and copy the 'Embed' code.

Come back to your blog, click the 'HTML' tab, and paste the 'Embed' code onto your blog.

You've got to do in 'HTML' mode -- in the regular 'Compose' mode about three-quarters of the 'Embed' code disappears when you paste it.

Maven said...

Do they still sell those cards? I mean, if the movies are available on DVD, do they come with scratch and sniff cards?

Waters is a riot!

HollyB said...

If you don't like scented fabric softner sheets, or have allergies, use dryer balls, like I do. I LOVE my fryer balls. I use 4 in my large capacity dryer. Cuts down on drying time and expense.
As for perfumes...I've been an Opium addict for years for my winter scent, and since I discoverd Bath Junkie, my Spring thru Fall scent is RAIN. I even use it on the Dashboard Goddess in my car for a car deodorizer since Boo is in the car so much.
I had them, Bath Junkie, make up an aftershave balm for the Dearly Beloved for our anniversary. It is DIVINE, and I don't mean the actress Waters was fond of casting.

Anonymous said...

Youtube videos embed in the new blogger like the old blogger. Just cut and paste teh text in the Embed box next to the video. said...

Yep...paste in HTML tab...I haven't thought of the cards in ages...let me know if it still smells swell!

FHB said...

You always hear stories about people in the rest of the world smelling really bad. Only know that folks in Eastern Europe did back when I was there in the 80s. You'd walk into a store and the BO would hit you like a brick. Once, in Romania, I saw a woman walking down the road wearing hose, with dark leg hairs poking through. I was a relatively innocent lad, and THAT was a freakish thing to see. What the hell? And then we got to the Soviet Union, where they expected you to squat over a hole in the ground to take a crap in a public restroom, and no toilet paper. Makes you realize that you don't want to have to live anywhere but here, and take lots of wipes when you visit.