Saturday, March 31, 2007

My girlfriend drove a 2002 Mercedes SUV for a couple years. In addition to getting abysmal gas mileage, every time she took the thing in to the dealership to be serviced, the cost was never less than $500, whether anything had been malfunctioning or not.

One day she got to the dealership to drop it off late and all the Mercedes loaner cars had been issued, so they handed her the keys to a Toyota.

Big mistake.

She found she was driving a vehicle notorious for its dependability and hassle-free low-maintenance which cost half the price of her Mercedes and wouldn't be so much like a temperamental Teutonic filly. She sold her Mercedes and is now on to driving her second Prius, for which she has nothing but praise.


G Bro said...

That's great! I read the Consumer Reports car issue and found that Mercedes' maintenance and reliability are abysmal. See what Chrysler can do for you?

phlegmfatale said...

I accidentally deleted this instead of publishing it, but the immaculate HollyB said:

Hey, it coulda been worse...she coulda driven a Jag.

FHB said...

Hey babe, when you ketch up, you really ketch up. That was fun to read. Thanks. I love my new Solara. It's like drivin' a space ship compared to the old Jeep. Still miss the jeep anyway though.

Attila the Mom said...

Hehe. That's what happened to my husband. He dropped 500 just by driving PAST the dealership.

Now it's gone with the wind. Thank God.

Becky said...

Makes sense to me -- I just wish they had more space for "stuff" in the back. Those sedan trunks are too small for me:)