Friday, March 16, 2007

Back in Baby's Arms...

That was me, or at least how I felt Thursday when I picked up LouLou the Baby Shoe™ from the insurance company. If you recall a few weeks ago I was in a fender-bender on I-30 when some uninsured illegal aliens decided to play bumper cars. Anyway, my insurance company - Progressive - had me bring my car to them and they handed me the keys to a rental car, and they had their people do the repairs.

Anyway, that was a bit of an adventure in and of itself. They made me sign and initial an agreement in triplicate that I wouldn't have animals in the rental, nor would I smoke in it. This baffled me because when the car deodorizer wore off after about 30 minutes, it was obvious that someone had been smoking in this car - smoking heavily.

I'm not a smoking-nazi - I don't say no one should do it - but I resent being forced to sign agreements not to smoke in a vehicle when they clearly have allowed it in the past.

LouLou is a V6 little SUV, but they issued me a V8 Toyota 4Runner. I'd forgotten what that felt like, something a bit more powerful. It was a fun vehicle to drive, but I feel more comfortable in my own. Anyway, after the repairs were completed, we both purred as I climbed in and we pulled away from the pick-up driveway. Back in baby's arms, indeed.

It's really funny, because I know it's not a high-performance vehicle, and probably some (misguided) person would say it's not sexy, but I think LouLou is adorable, suits my needs, and that's all that matters. It's good to have my own wheels back, be-flowered with a fragrance of my own choosing. In fact, whether or not anyone else likes your vehicle, it's a sweet thing to feel you possess your dream car. Until you get bored.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Phlegmmy and LouLou together again! And all is right with the world.

FHB said...

Damn, I miss my jeep!