Friday, March 09, 2007

Paradigm shift:

One icon or another is about to be irrevocably changed in your eyes. That's for ever, and forever's a mighty long time.

Either you will suddenly realize Cher is way cooler than you ever dreamt, or you'll wonder what you ever saw that was cool in David Bowie.

Or you can take the third way, and forgive David because he's English. That's what I'm doing.


FHB said...

Oh God, the 70s. I loved that variety show crap when I was a kid, but why would this cause us to judge Bowie? He's gotten MUCH cooler since this, and this was when Cher peaked. Been a down slide of stupid tabloid crap, divorce drama, and too revealing outfits since.

Anonymous said...

gag me with a spoon... A

Liz said...

Bowie is completely cool. Even when singing with Bing. And he keep doing that little eyebrow twitch at Cher. Let's face it, it looks like they're having a ball and Bowie is eating it up.

And, frankly, I've always loved Cher as well.

Tickersoid said...

Love 'em both. But what is that Cher has on her head? Does it require feeding or excercising?

G Bro said...

David Bowie has been a lounge singer at least since "China Girl" in 1983. I have more respect for this video than I do for anything since Heroes in 1977.

none said...

what the hell is up with the damn stormtropper hair. and I'm glad medleys went out with carrots potatoes and peas.

phlegmfatale said...

fhb - I don't know why I'm judging Bowie - it just freaked me out, that's all.

A - *nodding vigorously*

liz - you're such a good little contrarian!

tickersoid - Tee hee! That thing on her head looked like - sheesh, I dunno. Just scary. It looked like an ottoman fringe gone wrong. eek.

g bro - Well, there you have it.

hammer - That hair was terrifying. Yeah, me too - I never miss medleys. They suck.

Zelda said...

David Bowie was my first movie star crush. I saw him in Labryinth and got jelly-legged. It caused me many years of confusion and self-loathing. It's a shame I didn't see this video first.

FHB said...

His outfit was his next persona, after dropping the Ziggy Stardust thing due to it being played out.