Saturday, March 17, 2007

Life in the tard lane...

...will surely make you lose your mind.

Yes, today and tomorrow are my last required classes before I can take my real estate exam.

I will have a different teacher tomorrow, and who knows what that will bring? Some of the teachers have been superb, and some have been found wanting.

One guy, at moments of particular swagger, kept mentioning deals he'd done in "silicone valley." I wanted to ask if he worked with a lot of strippers, but as was the case most days, I held my tongue in the spirit of expeditious completion of instructors' self-apotheosis. This wasn't his worst mis-pronunciation, but it was the funniest.

Another guy who I otherwise liked immensely talked about getting over the fear of rejection when asking for a sale. He likened real estate to seeing 20 pretty girls and approaching every one of them, and because they are so hot and desireable, they'll be used to saying no to everyone, but that 5 of the 20 might be so pretty that everyone is too intimidated to ask them out, so if you keep asking, the law of averages says you'll "get lucky" with 5 of these hot chicks.

Seriously. Like I said - he was otherwise completely likeable. I know that few of us could really survive having every single thing we say dissected, but sheesh- talking about getting lucky with hot chicks in a room of mixed-company strangers? Thank you, Mr. Inappropriate.

Anyway, there's a lot of it about.

I have to say Genki Sushi at the SE corner of Beltline and Preston is a fantastic eatery. They have incredibly fresh fish. They also have sushi Happy Hour from 4- 6:30 weekdays. Good stuff. If you live in northern Dallas and like sushi - you should give it a try - the folks there are great.

I took the doglet for a loooong walk Friday afternoon. We saw a huge labrador retriever and she was so eager to go make nice to the big dog. Weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds, the only dogs she recognizes as kindred spirits tend to weigh about 100 pounds. Oh, and she's good at dominating the big ones-- it's kind of funny.

Y'all have a great weekend!


none said...

Mr inappropriate damn. Sounds like a real winner.

FHB said...

Will not eat sushi. Not. Must have warm cooked food. Must.

Tickersoid said...

I think I'd have to travel 30 miles to find a Sushi bar.

Terriers are like that.

Dick said...

Hey Phlegmmy! (It's Kelly, not Dick).
Long time no talk... I see you're posting at too! I'm QueenB.
Hope all is well with you!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm sure the hot chick analogy was immensely meaningful to you and the other women in your class. Because like, now you know how to get 5 hot chicks.

Maven said...

If I don't get a chance to say so beforehand, good luck with your exams!! I'm sure you'll ROCK!

Christina RN LMT said...

Normally I'm not a fan of Political Correctness...but DAMN! that instructor needs to take a few remedial classes!

I like any sushi that doesn't have fish. So basically vegetarian rolls.
(Seaweed, rice and veggies=good/Raw fish=bad)

FHB said...

Makes perfect sense to me. Law of averages. Maybe if he'd used the term "score", in stead of "get lucky", you'd have been less offended? Ok, I'll acknowledge that he could have found a more appropriate analogy, but being inappropriate in front of students, particularly females, can sometimes be a LOT of fun. Having all the women in the room roll their eyes at that one probably made his morning.