Monday, March 05, 2007

I thought that since I mentioned my spetacular doodling, you might want to see one. This one is less complicated than most. I'll post more up this week. I like to use colored disposable Varsity fountain pens by Pilot. They are fun to write letters with, too. But they have some very nice colors.

I haven't used my camera for anything in about 3 weeks, and I miss lugging it around. I've scraped the bottom of my archive barrel for Dallas Diorama photos, so, clearly, I need to get out and snap some more.
Allergies have been kicking my butt the last 2 weeks. There must be something particularly vile blooming on the premises of my real estate school, because as soon as I set foot outside my car there in the mornings, I start sneezing my brains out. Teacher this week was tolerable and actually rather entertaining. For once I couldn't begin to tell you his political leanings - how refreshing.
I've also twice successfully traversed the roadway where I was rear-ended last week. I'm not at all superstitious or nervous about it, but it has crossed my mind both times. Oh well.


HollyB said...

When I read that was a DOODLE, I was blown away! That looks like a quilt.
Even your doodles are amazing. I bow in awe to your talent. said...

Wow, that would make a nice modern day quilt pattern!

Now you have a new hobby - quilt design.

Anonymous said...

speCtacular, booger

I see a female face on the right, and the left side is a male projecting his mind while she reflects with interruptions.

Cool beans.

FHB said...

Uh, very nice, but you do that while you're supposed to be taking notes? For shame. I have a kid in my morning class who does that, but she's making good grades, so I don't say anything about it. Don't want to be an asshole and get in the way of artistic expression. Truly, your talent is bubbling out all over the place.

Anonymous said...

I like the disposable Varsity fountain pens too...glad to see we're alike in that sense.

COOL DOODLE. I'm the same way - sometimes doodling is all I can do to stay awake during meetings.