Thursday, March 01, 2007

Did you know Andy Warhol loved the show "Love Boat" so much that he guest-starred as himself in episode #200 in 1985? Si, ees true.

Pinkie swear, I'm not making it up. See the picture?

Anyway, Andy would be a rabid fan of American Idol, too, no doubt, considering it reeks of the "famous for 15 minutes" schtick.

I watched it later on tonight, and I was thinking about how all they want is technically good singing. There's really no spontanaity to it. And AI contestants won't succeed unless they can sing any of numerous genres of music convincingly and with ease. In fact, what they are looking for are singers with good pipes and the agility and adaptibility to sing show tunes or R&B. *eyebrow raised* What they want for this show is human tofu - people who can take on the flavor of whatever/whomever they are singing. Dead boring, that. And still, I'm addicted to it.

How about some brilliant music, for a change of pace? Over here on the myspace page of Voyager One, you can click on a track called "Gun" which is absolutely brilliant - one of my favorite songs, ever. Hope you enjoy it.


HollyB said...

I'm sure Marshall McCluhan(sp?) would get a wry chuckle at the way the medium/message reflects our current culture, as well.

Tickersoid said...

What works in reality is something which is technically adequate but is a new sound.
F'rinstance, there are so many excellent femail vocalists out there that all sound the same. Along comes someone like Dido and Bingo!

Tickersoid said...

Can you imagine if you had to give the police a description of Andy Warhole. No one would believe you.

Maven said...

I think AI is similar to the old Gong Show... you see folks who go on there and it's like watching an entertainment train wreck. Although, I dare say I was more hooked on the Gong Show than I am to AI.

FHB said...

Yep. Absolutely. Gong show, then Jerry Springer, then AI. Embarrassing.