Thursday, February 02, 2006

Quickie Recaps and sundry housekeeping...

Believe it or not, my spelling and grammar are generally impeccable, but sometimes I get so excited when thoughts are tumbling in and my fingers don't quite keep up, so apologies for any typos or other goofs I have posted here or or in comments on your blogs, darlings. Think "phlegmmy has a chihuahua chromosome" and forgive me.

Further on the Alito thing. I mentioned some time ago that I have a cousin on death row in another state. For many years I was 100% pro death-penalty, and over time I have realized there are too many people unjustly convicted to be inconsiderate of the circumstances. So I'd say now I'm 95%. Unfortunately for my cousin, he is probably certifiably retarded (wickedly neglectful parenting is partly to blame, and they should have been convicted WITH him, but that's another story) and led a life that would indicate he is capable of killing someone, although I'm not convinced he committed this crime. About Alito and the death penalty: I am so pleased his first action as Supreme Court Justice was indicative that he is an independent thinker and beholden to none but the US Constitution. When decent people are on that bench, we all win.

Yeah, what I said about the postal shootings was crappy. In the first blush of the news, it's easier to dehumanize the whole thing. Seeing the names and photos humanizes the whole thing, and my heart is not hard against those people - I do feel for their families. It's tragic and senseless, by my point was simply that the USPS is a system which is so poorly structured that things like this are inevitable.

About the chick (Lisa) I met on the phone on Tuesday: we met for lunch yesterday, and we had a grand old time. Together we are a couple of hot bawdys, and I noticed guys at the next table trying to hear our wild conversation. She is amazing, and I have a new friend. She's a high-toned executive for a European bank, and she drives a huge pickup truck. Ya gotta love us truck-driving women. We can handle some shit, and give it right back. Woo hoo!

Have a great Thursday, you sexy sexy people!


Ben Heller said...

Lady truckers scare me. I bumped into one a couple of weeks ago walking into a cafe/restaurant.

Her surly look withered me to an inch, and all I did was ask her to get her feet off the chair so I could borrow it to eat my lunch.

phlegmfatale said...

Lisa and I are stylish women, and would never muss our Neiman-Marcus duds by sitting in an un-ladylike fashion in public. I admit, I've met some lady truckers in my day who could go bear-hunting with a switch. For example, an aunt's sister in California is about 55 years old, 5'8", maybe 225 pounds, bleach blond with hideous fake sculpted nails. Someone I know ran into her at a casino and she was wearing painted-on hot pink hotpants and a matching halter, thus exposing lots of freckled, leathery hide. *shudder* Yeah, some lady truckers are to be feared. But then again, SHE drives an 18-wheeler. My truck is a more modest full-size Chevy. Very prim, by comparison.

Knight Of The Storms said...

r u sure u dont have a thing for Lisa, lol
normally I would understand the sentence like -Stylish lady truckers.- an oxymoron but will have to take your word for it

just wanted to say if you do have a thing for Lisa and something happens, make sure to tell us all about it,
two stylish lady truckers together!
I wouldnt miss that for a world lol:)

Ariel said...

I want a truck, so I can go camping in nice places, off the beaten path, you understand. You should come to lunch with me and my family sometime. We always give the tables nearest an earful...So much fun.

Becky said...

I don't necessarily agree with the reasoning behind the stay, but I do like the fact that he made up his own mind, instead of following party lines.