Sunday, February 19, 2006

Old man winter got off his lazy ass and finally gave Dallas a proper seeing-to. For only the second time this winter we can pack in our shorts and sandals, at least for a couple days. I sagely ran out to the nearest bead emporium yesterday to stock up on thread and crystals for a couple projects that are in the hopper and husband went for firewood and provisions (milk and cookies), so we're all set for a productive lie-in for at least 2 days. We're sitting mid-day back-to-back on our respective computers. He's slogging away on some techie work crap, and I'm writing to you lovely folks. Last night I fixed up a little portable nest for the doglet with a wicker laundry basket, a feather pillow and a t-shirt cotton sheet. She's snugly ensconced therein and looks like a little doggy bunting settled in for a winter's nap. Soon we'll rouse her from her slumber and take her on a little walkie in her parka - we must show off those winter fashions while we have a chance. There's a bottle of white wine in the fridge that wants cracking open, and we've got some backup if we run out of that. Tonight will be a new installment of the BBC production of Dickens' Bleak House on PBS, and that makes me fairly giddy. In short, it's a perfect day. Woohoo. Snuggle up and be cozy, peoples!


Anonymous said...

Even where I live in the great white north we have just had a blast of real winter again. It's frigid and it's so hard to get used to the changing weather.
That sound's like a great way to spend a winter evening, I will take a cue from you.
(Glad to see the comments popped up eventually)

Knight Of The Storms said...

well here in europe it is totally opposite
-my island usually has very mild winters but this one was a killer

phlegmfatale said...

The strange thing is that we've been having shorts-and-sandals weather. I wore sandals to work all week last week. Strange days, indeed.