Sunday, January 27, 2008

Strange days indeed.

Last night I dreamt I was in India staying at a little cabin thingie, and I wanted to go into a village and have dinner, so someone sent me a camel. Well, I climbed on and grabbed onto the rope and this thing hauled ass - I was hanging on by the rope, flying behind the camel like a banner. Mid-gallop, it occurred to me that I was sposta be hanging onto a rope near the front of the camel, instead of that swag festooning the hind-end. At the rental company as I was about to head back to the cabin, they gave me sweet, middling-sized elephant this time, and that was SOOOO much better.
Sunday I saw a strange sight: in the middle of a disused, weed-clotted former concrete parking lot was a lone green balloon on a white ribbon floating about 5 feet above the ground, no one and nothing around it. Pooled on the parking lot was a couple more feet of ribbon. I wish I'd had my camera and not been in a hurry. I like to imagine it floated over from the Fort Worth Stock Show, and that some little kid would be happy to know their balloon came back down to earth so gently.

5 comments: said...

Ain't dreams wonderful!

Even dogs love dreams...that's why they wave their little feet as they go by!

Christina RN LMT said...

Elephant, ha!
Even Phlegm dreams of elephants. I guess I'm in good company!

Anonymous said...

I dream a lot and remember most, some of which I could do without, but I find them so interesting to think my brain came up with whatever I'm dreaming about.

I loved yours;) Maybe you should visit the zoo! LOL

HollyB said...

It's all that feren food you ate last week that brought on that dream, girl. That's what did it.

FHB said...

Beautiful. Cool dream. I hardly ever remember mine.