Saturday, January 26, 2008

One of my favorite songs: Rid of Me - PJ Harvey
Sydney festival 2001

See Polly Jean.
See Polly Jean kick ass.
Kick ass, Polly Jean, kick ass!


DBA Dude said...

Take one rock goddess, add one guitar and a great voice, mix with one fantastic song and an audience of happy Aussies.

Result - perfection.

Anonymous said...

I have Nick Cave to thank for getting me to appreciate PJ Harvey, and thank you, Phlegmmy, for reminding me how cool she is.

I still heart Neko Case more, though.


breda said...

YEAH! I love PJ!

(I am also feeling quite inspired by her haircut and lipstick.)

phlegmfatale said...

dba dude - yeah, that's the kind of performance you never forget. Love her.

james - Love nick cave - he's so cool. You're welcome. I adore Neko Case, too. Love those firebrand women.

breda - she's amazing. And she's really sexy. I'm digging her shoes, too.