Saturday, January 19, 2008

From the "Ur not doin' that right" files:

Crazy man in Hawaii beat a woman to death with a shotgun in front of witnesses. She cried for help from the onlookers until she was beaten unconscious.

If a bystander had been properly armed, or if there had been a real man around, that piece of crap would be the dead one now, and not that woman.

How could a bunch of men watch this happen and not overpower that maniac???

As for the witnesses who spoke in the video - I'd be ashamed to show my face if I stood idly by at such a time.


Christina RN LMT said...

You know, one old fella tries to help, and gets bludgeoned for his efforts, that scares the rest of the sheep, even though one assumes if they had attacked en masse, they'd have been able to stop him. I'm disgusted by this, but I wasn't there. I don't know how quickly all this went down. So I'll try not to be so judgemental. But those folks will have to live with the knowledge of their cowardly behavior for the rest of their lives. I hope they never get over it.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly..... how could they show their faces and do nothing to help that poor helpless woman? I hope that hang him by his balls if he has any. said...

Amen, to being properly armed.

Today's world, regardless of where we live is a war zone - if not terrorist, then crazies, or those with no feelings for life itself. It is our obligation, if not for ourself, for our family and those around us to be able to respond wisely and quickly.

Xavier said...

One neighbor with a shotgun could have demonstrated the proper use of such a device.

For that matter, one victim with a handgun coupled with the will to live would have lived as well.

SpeakerTweaker said...

I usually don't like to be judgemental. Well, @#!$ that.

For starters, Hawaii is a state where you have to retreat from attack. Even in your own home (no Castle Doctrine there, I assure you). Secondly, Hawaii is a "May-Issue" CCW state, and I'll just bet that it's just like every other "May-Issue" state where the only people who can get a CCW permit are rich and/or well connected. If you are average, no gun for you.

So, as a CROWD OF EFFING PEOPLE LOOKED ON, a woman was beaten to death. I know I'll catch some flack for this, but I can't resist. To me, this has the same underlying issue that led to the deaths of 32 at Virginia Tech: the crowd decided that they were helpless, so they looked on helplessly and allowed death to occur. Had the crowd sought life instead of allowing death, that woman might still be alive.

Oh, and Xavier? "...proper use of such a device?" I'm LOVING that statement.


Lin said...

Makes me grateful that I am where I am now and comfortable dispatching anyone who wishes to be not nice.

To me, this horrid incident makes about as much sense as trying to shoot someone with a baseball bat.

Roberta X said...

HI might be "may-issue" on paper but the reality is, it's a never-issue state. Carry is not allowed.

This is why folks can be beaten to death there, while bystanders cringe. Impressive.

Xavier said...

In a may-issue state a person may still go into their home, retrieve their own shotgun and stop a man from pummeling a defenseless woman to death.

If the neighbor has no shotgun, a baseball bat, a claw hammer, or a 2X4 would work wonders.

All to often we only think of self defense and the defense of others in terms of CCW. This is not a CCW issue, this is an issue of men failing to act as men, neighbors failing to act as neighbors.

phlegmfatale said...

christina - I agree. I hope it haunts them.

lainy - sounds like the law in Hawaii don't have the spine to hold anyone accountable except the people who already try to obey the law. *sick*

mushy - truly. Decency dictates we not stand idly by

xavier - perzackley

speakertweaker - I didn't know that about Hawaii - sounds bass-ackwards. Xavier does turn a nice phrase, doesn't he?

lin - I'm all for people being free to defend themselves from lunatics by any means necessary. It's only fair.

roberta - that's something to feel proud of, indeed. *balk*

xavier - Well, I sure wish someone would have in this case. This is mortifying. If they'd just dogpiled him, they could have stopped him, at least. Yeah, someone else may have been injured in the process, but how could they watch that? It's grisly and horrific, actually. Yes, a dreadful social failure.