Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stay sick!


g bro said...

I love this! Wikipedia lists one genre for them to be "Gothabilly." Who knew? Learn something new every day.

If anyone knows these guys, it's you. Have you heard of the Asylum Street Spankers? Saw part of a performance DVD today. Seems like someone in your vast inventory.

phlegmfatale said...

g bro - yeah, I see the Cramps every time they come to town - it's always a thrill. Poison Ivy is one of the best rockabilly guitarists in the industry, and Lux Interior always gives you your money's worth - he's a real scream on stage. Love them.
You know, some friends of mine were going on about the Asylum Street Spankers, and I heard some of their stuff, but I didn't perhaps listen keenly enough. Will re-check them out.

DBA Dude said...

Cramps always bring a smile to my face, good way to start the day.