Saturday, January 19, 2008

So I've started reading Night Watch by Terry Pratchett, and this one seems so much more somber in tone than the other handful of books I've read so far. Yes, there's still humor, but it seems less light-hearted. Then again, I've just started and haven't read much.

So, anyway, I thought I'd ask other Discworld readers - do you notice a difference in tone with the various books? Also - has Terry Pratchett ever done a run-down of events both personal and societal that influenced the tone of his writing? I'm sure there's a Discworld reference book of some sort?


Rabbit said...

Yeah, there's not too much giddyness in Night Watch, but it sure gives you some insight into Sam Vimes' character.

You get to find out why Reg Shoe is a zombie, too.


Carteach said...

Each book is different, and I haven't hit a bad one yet.

DBA Dude said...

Well the bad guys in that one are seriously bad which tends to darken things but there is still humour to be found.

Never found a book of the kind that you are requesting but I have read interviews where he has said that his origins as a journalist gave him the eyes of a keen observer and everything flows from that.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that Pratchett's writing has gotten darker as the Discworld books have progressed, but he definitely saves his darkest, most caustic observations for the Vimes books.


phlegmfatale said...

rabbit - I've read 50 or more pages since I wrote that post, and I'm enjoying this book more than at first, but I stand by my statement that it's more somber in tone.

carteach0 - I'm sure I'll agree with you that they all are excellent

dba dude - Yeah, the eye thing - eek! Carcer is spine-chillingly mean. Ew. But yes, it's humourous. I'm loving the parallels to the disarming of the public - reminds me of some places I've heard of. Sad.

james - That makes sense - if anything, Vimes is a pragmatist with no candy-coating.

Tam said...

I really, really loved Night Watch. It's the only one other than Reaper Man that's made me cry so far.

I'm funny that way.