Thursday, January 10, 2008

30 Years ago today....

Sex Pistols played Longhorn ballroom in Dallas. I was 12 and living in Arkansas at the time, so, DUH, no, I wasn't there.

Besides that, at the tender age of 12, despite all the crap life had thrown at me so far, my sense of irony was not yet developed enough to appreciate the Sex Pistols. But it was getting there.


Rabbit said...


30 years ago today, I was playing the Sex Pistols on my college radio station.

The local Wal Mart immediately called and told us they were changing the radio station on their in-store music away from us.

Long live KGED 88.1 FM! 10 monster watts of mono FM power! Caged Radio!


LBJ said...

The Doobie brothers played at my older brothers prom. A town filled with Norwegian loggers was NEVER going to see the Sex Pistols.