Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well, I'm officially surprised. I thought Angela would go through to the top 4 on Project Runway, but instead she's been eliminated. I have to say those pants she wears with the decorative inserts on the bottom circling around to the inside thighs are absolutely beastly - and woefully unflattering, too. Why not just hire a little pair of cherubs to fly around with you everywhere and they can suspend a big ribbon banner over your head that reads - "be sure to notice my wide ass--it's enormous." And if I see one more intercoursing "fleurchand", I'm going to run out screaming. I thought Laura should have won this challenge. I'm so glad Kayne didn't get sent home.

KAYNE SIGHTING - Last week Justin Timberlake played the Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas, and Kayne was there. Someone I know saw him, but said people were crowded around him. You can think I made that up, if you like, nein. It's a free country.

Someone recently made a production of saying they want to spend more time with me, and then proceeded to shoot down everything I said with contrarian statements. If more time together means better acquainting me with your jerky side, then no thanks. I've already met your inner asshole.

A friend brought a ticket by for the Gypsy Tea Room show Tuesday night, but I was so doggoned beat I had to go home. The bands playing were X and The Rollins Band. Now, if they had been the Cramps or the Damned, I would have been there, no question. Hot weather is crap weather for concerts, anyway. Give me blue norther and I'm ready to go to a show!


Zelda said...

You seem to have a troll. I have your back though, so don't let him throw you. :-)

phlegmfatale said...

m'kay! You're such a peach, zelda. I love you.

Zelda said...

Boy, I sure am loyal in the morning.

And I have a question. Is Kayne the superlatively gay one who made that flamenco looking gettup? If so, I am wondering if he and Justin Timberlake might be an item.

I really like Project Runway, but I don't understand fashion at all. Every time I think everyone is going to be universally skewered, the judges end up saying this is the best job they've seen yet. said...

Oh no...not you too...I thought FHB was the only one watching that program, now I find you and Becky watching too.

Do you folks not watch Supernova? Maybe it's an age thing and I'm just too young for this show!

Kelly said...

Yep, bye Angela. Take your "florichons" back to the 80's. Along with your bubble skirts.

Kayne...oh dear. He did look like a ballroom dancer didn't he? I loved the pattern but it was just so...I don't even know.

Jeffrey...what was up with the bling on the crotch? I almost tossed my cookies there. I found it funny that Kayne's outfit was called a "costume" but Jeffrey's wasn't? That was so damn costumey. He and his penis neck (tm TWoP) need to go home and soon.

Laura...classy as always, just wish the dress had been in a darker or brighter color. Something that didn't match with her skin.

Michael...I pick him as the winner. Tastefully done, well made and appropriate. He does it every week.


Uli...pretty fabrics but the same dress we've been seeing every week. If she doesn't change it up, she'll be gone soon.

Well Phlegmmy, I'll see ya soon. I'll be your neighbor in two days!

Later girl!

CP said...

I want to make Justin Timberlake my personal sex slave.


FHB said...

Dude, what the hell is Supernova? I'll have to check the listings.

And Phlem, he does sound like a winner. Figured you'd have beat some sense into him by now.

phlegmfatale said...

zelda - Your loyalty is most appreciated, darling! yup - Kayne was Elvis. Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are an item. But then again, maybe he's smitten with her boyish good looks. And yeah, some of it seems non-sensical - WTF was UP with that white be-spangled wrap-around-the-crotch zipper on jeffrey's costume, and he WON??? It's a crazy, mixed-up world.

mushy - Maybe your attention-span was bludgeoned by rock and roll, darling. I watch Supernova too, because my realtor insisted, and I ended up getting sorta reeled in...

kelly - Jeffrey - wow, I don't know what to say about that. It was his equivalent of Uli always making the same dress - this was the same shit he personally wears on the show all the time, in my opinion. Oh, and I thought the back, black part of the lapel was badly done. Damned sloppy. I actually liked that color on Laura. Funny how being pregnant isn't really growing her tits, though. Then again, she must thrive on pregnancy - she looks stunning.
Oh, and won't you please, please won't you be my neighbor? Welcome to the neighbor hood, honey!

cp - Ok, you let us know how that works out for you, ok? Actually, you just made me think of that Helen Reddy song "Angie Baby." *L*

fathairybastard - Supernova - avoid this one, darlin' --save yourself. Don't get sucked in like me.