Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ok, still suffering a teeny bit of difficulty with adjusting to the mac. Or rather, it's having difficulty adjusting to me. Fear not, for my will will out. Hell be damned.

Anyway, dipping my toe in the pool of photography is quite a hoot, actually. I'm sure my fairy light embroidery on this is something millions of people have done and have done a better job, but I had a blast playing with black and white and long exposure tonight.

Niece and nephew were over for the night and we had pool hijinks aplenty until about 10pm. They are the sweetest little things. I can't imagine loving a child more than I do them.

We went to WalMart and bought some little water craft that run on 8 D cell batteries and squirt water out the handlebars, and they had a field day. Maybe tomorrow night I'll post one of those photos, which were long exposure and color. The pool came out to an almost eerie white, and they seem suspended in mist. Coolness.

The camera is one of the best things I've ever bought. I can't wait to figure out how to really use it, and to that end, I'm having a blast. I'm also loving the opportunity to photograph things and places I've always loved about Dallas for the Diorama.

Have a groovy weekend, you sexy people!


Anonymous said...

awwww... just got home. Great picture of my critters, I miss them. Thanks for babysitting. See you tomorrow, uh, I mean today. Love, A

Kelly said...

Very cute kiddos!
I wish I could be a good photographer because it fascinates me. However, I just don't excel at it.

Oh well, there has to be one thing I'm not good at. *g*

phlegmfatale said...

sister - Glad you liked the photo - I got tons of these. Thanks for letting us have the babies for the night - we had a blast. Back in the pool again in a bit. WHEEEEEEE!

kelly - Thanks, they are little sweety-pies. Yeah, well, get a Canon Rebel XT and you will instantly have mad photography skills. Oh, and you should photograph Dick & company climbing rocks in their Humvees.

Twisted Lady said...

Very cool!

I had my digital camera for 2 years before I discovered it took video too. I really need to get with the program...

FHB said...

Awsome. Yer spoilin those kids. They're gonna have so many wonderful memories one day. Yer a very cool aunty.

I tell ya, I'm gonna have to go out and get a scanner so I can post some of my old pictures. You and Mushy have enspired me.

I spent about 4 years teaching classes on navy ships at the beginning of my "career", floating all over the world, so I have a lot of pics of things like the late night neon in Hong Kong or Pattaya Beach, stuff that I bet you'd like, folks would like.

And thanks for the link. Love what you do. Yer a peach. said...

Love the B&W don't see enough use of that anymore.

I'll have to check you more often and see how you work it out.

I'm thinking about a new digital myself, but haven't decided on which one.

LJ said...

It's a gas, isn't it? And I'm enjoying your photographs. LOVE black and white!
Carry on, keep posting 'em!

phlegmfatale said...

blog whore - mine does video, too, and I haven't even touched that bit. I'm too besotted with the still photo feature.

fathairybastard - nothing wrong with spoiling them - that's what old aunties are for! Wow, late night neon in Hong Kong - sounds mesmerizing - you really must share. We all want to see that. And you're welcome for the link!

mushy - Glad you liked them - I had fun making them. There's a lot of good ones on the market. I'm not sorry I spent a lot of money on mine - I needed it for macro photography of my beadwork, but there are an array of good cameras out there for a broad range of prices. Good luck in your search.

lj - YES, a total gas! I'm glad you're enjoying the pictures. I'm having a hoot making them. Thanks for the encouragement, darlin'!