Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another housekeeping post.

It was acting wonky and it's not been a top performer, but I was still surprised when my Maytag Neptune washing machine crapped out this weekend. Call me a cheapskate, but I reckon a washing machine you pay nigh on to $1100 for should last at least a decade, and not the scanty 6 years I wrung from its bony carcass.

Went to the Sears Scratch/n/Dent emporium to seek out a mis-matched mate for the old Neptune Dryer. Husband asked my opinion, and I said I want another front-loader, for the queen--she is short--and she'll have greater ease of access with the frontie thing, if she ever deigns to do laundry. Also, the front-loader tumble style washers are easier on the garments and more water-efficient.

Husband thought going uber cheap was the best way. I said "tell ya what: I'll let you pick this one out, and I'll pick out the next one, since this one is Mr. Right Now instead of Mr. Right."

...This next bit is Project Runway so maybe only me and Kelly will be interested, but here goes. I know things have been manipulated to make Angela seem even more annoying than she is IRL, but golly, her mom is irritating. I felt bad for Jeffrey, like it was crappy of her to stand there and trash his choices when he wasn't there to defend his design. I think there should simply be a moratorium on whining, and the whole damn planet would benefit.

Unless it's me - my whining is always justified. Actually, I don't whine. I unburden.

I'm sorry Robert had to go, but I'm SOOOO glad Vincent won one, because he's caught a lot of shit for his prior designs, and I actually think he's not that bad, that he has potential for creating accessible, wearable garments for women.

I have come to the shocking awareness that Laura is a bottle-redhead version of Gwenyth Paltrow. And my goodness but she's fertile - the 6th on the way? My love for her was cemented when she said "6, 7, 8, I'll just throw it on the pile." Bless her heart...

For some reason, my DVR recorded that wretched trainwreck show about Hugh Hefner's 3 grandaughters. What? You mean they are sposta be his lovahs? That is difficult to feature, but ok. Anyway, as with an exploding port-o-sans, I simply couldn't tear my eyes away, and I watched as 20 year old Kendra truly arrives when presented with her platinum and diamond grills. Cause you know, you haven't lived until you gets yo teef crunked.

Oh, and as for Workout - I can't believe it took Jackie all season to break up with that infantile bitch Mimi. Annoying.

Carry on.


Dick said...

I hate appliance shopping. It's kind of like buying a car in the old days with the vultures our there.
I also hate Fry's, but they have the best prices when it comes to appliances.
It seems to confuse them a bit when you tell them you DON'T need financing.

Liz said...

I lurves me some Project Runway. I think Jeffrey is an ass, but I think Angela's mom made it as hard on him as possible and he's one of those people who will be accommodating up to a point and then completely flip to "screw it and screw you".

And I love Laura. Adore her! I know people are going to be outraged by the whole "throw another kid on the pile" comment as if she's confessing to child abuse, but the difference between 5 kids and 6 kids is going to be negligible in terms of work. I have a friend who has five and she says that up to 3 she saw huge differences in how she structured her life but after the third, she settled on a particular set of household rules and that was that. To hear her talk, you'd think she was letting her children be raised by wolves when the reality is that they are very polite and well-behaved.

Jay Noel said...

I have no idea what the second half of your post is about. Not a clue.

FHB said...

It's a bummer that Robert got the boot, but his stuff was just boring. Back to Barbie. Of course, having to moonlight for Omar the tent maker couldn't have been easy. Wonder what bizarre shit they're gonna pull on 'em next time? Laura just oozes class, not just in what she makes but also in what she wears. Thought her outfit was cool as hell. Never know what those judges will pick. personally thought Uli should have won. Love her style.

Kelly said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I've watched the show about Hef's girlfriends. God, I am the Queen of trashy TV.

Anyway, PR... In my opinion, both Angela's mom and Jeffrey acted like asses. What did they have to spend...two days together. She was whiny (no surprise there, considering her daughter) and he was a plain old asshole who didn't have to act as mean as he did. God, I hate that frickin' tattoo on his neck too.
As for Vinnie, I liked the dress, but he still annoys. I thought Uli's design was very nice, as well as Michael's (also very innovative with the reversible). I am so surprised that Robert was sooooo boooooring after having designed for Barbie. The rest were just ok.

And I know I've mentioned this to you before, but I just adore Tim Gunn. I catch myself doing a running commentary as I watch the show. He appears and I exclaim, "Designers!" I also find myself doing the "One of you will be in, and one of you...will be howt" speech every week out loud.

I need help, really, I do.

Poor Dick...

LJ said...

Oh I AM stealing that. "I don't whine. I unburden."
Yes, indeedy.

phlegmfatale said...

big dick - I'll check out Fry's when I go to buy Mr. Right. Yeah, appliance sales is a field fraught with goobers. One lethargic bitch with a broad, flat ass actually approached us but then acted like she couldn't be bothered to actually provide any information. We bought the washer in that store, but from another sales clerk. Wastrel!

liz - yeah, jeffrey is an ass, but I likes him. Great analysis of the sit. w/ Angela's mom - she had it in for him. Laura has a great way about her, and it's sort of the best of New York, I think. She says very blunt things but doesn't act stung if someone retorts with something pointed or even downright shitty. It must be that all those kids have mellowed her out a bit. She has a wry wit, which is needed in this sort of situation.

phoenix - go back to sleep, sweetie.

fathairybastard - Yeah, it was drab. That was a super-tough challenge and a very uneven playing field. I loved Laura's outfit. Like Uli's style, and loved the fact that she showed some greater range this week.

kelly - Well, I KNEW there was a reason I liked you. I try not to watch random shows, because I get sucked in waaaay too easily.
As for PR - i suspect Angela's mom new Jeffrey had been an ass to her daughter and came in determined to be difficult. Actually, I'd like her better if I thought she did that on purpose - it was so infantile. I think Liz said it best that he could be accommodating up to a point and then he was done with it. This was a tough challenge with a very uneven playing field. I don't like the tattoo on the neck but after all the stuff they revealed about his past last night, I have a little bit more understanding of it and for the urge to document something that was profound to him. I just question the aesthetic of scrolling text festooned on the neck, but that's just me. Yeah, Vinnie annoys, but he's really sacrificed to be there. I'd be pleased if he ended up in the top 3, even though I dont' expect it. He's seemed to have a more mature way of working with others than most of the people. Uli's model actually looked cute for a plump lady and it was so obviously an Uli garment, so I thought she might win it. I'm sad for Robert, I genuinely liked him.
Tim Gunn is super. It looks like next week's challenge will be for the designers to wear their new look they make, and that Tim Gunn will make the elimination (remember the mention of a "surprise judge?"
Oh, and did you notice that when Heidi is sending a model home, she always says "I'm sorry, but you're out," but she never says "sorry" before telling a designer they are out. I think she is more empathetic of the models, naturally, but it makes her seem like more of a bitch, to me. Even though I love Seal. I'll bet they'll have bewitching looking children.

lj- steal away, darling. I'm rather proud of that one, occurring as it did on spur-of-the-keyboard.

Kelly said...

Jeffery had NO patience for Angela's mom from the get-go.
Yeah, she was a whiny bitch, but sometimes you'll get clients that are difficult to work with (as you should know). You can't treat them the way he did, especially in a business that relies on a lot of word-of-mouth referrals in the beginning.

As for that stupid's his son's name, nothing to do with the alcoholism or drug addiction. He's gotta be the strangest looking guy I've ever seen with that little tiny head on that big tattooed neck. Just very odd.

Rocky (Racquel) said...

You deign to do laundry, Phlegmmy? I could take a lesson from you, I s'pose... hehe

Heather B said...

I am also totally addicted to PR and was sooooo upset Robert got the boot. I didnt think his stuff was too boring did you?

I couldn't stand how they told him he was not being his true self, he was only trying to please Vincent's sister - and then they ripped on Jeffrey for NOT listening to Angela's mum and doing what was true to him.

phlegmfatale said...

By the way, don't y'all love the way I don't have much of an opinion about Project Runway?

kelly - Well, Angela's mom was passive-aggressively challenging Jeffrey, because she no doubt knew the hell Jeffrey had put Angela through. Jeffrey reacted in a hostile fashion because he perceived he was under attack, behind his back, no less. I'm not saying he wasn't a jerk, but I think a bit of indignance was understandable. I understand the principle of the tattoo, just not the aesthetic.

rocky - well, on rare occasions. When I'm feeling too lazy to run out and buy new drawers...

heather b - Well, honey, I sorta did think his last few pieces were underwhelming. I think getting Vincent's sister was an unlucky occurrence. Exactly - I noticed the conflicting messages from the judges, too.