Thursday, August 10, 2006

OH, I learned something about a bizarre little bit of Dallas history on Tuesday and I'm taking my camera with me today so I can share a photo of it with you when I do Friday's blog post. Seriously. I can hardly stand waiting to tell you. I'm near bursting. It's a gloriously tacky beginning to the consumate American rags-to-riches tale. And it's all true! Watch this space.


Thomas J Wolfenden said...

I'll be waiting with baited breath!

Rocky (Racquel) said...

Hasn't Anna Nicole been done ENOUGH?? hehe

PS Devil Wears Prada - LOVED IT. :-)

Will said...

Don't burst Phlegm, you'll make a mess.

Tickersoid said...

I'm beside myself with anticipation, but I won't be able to come back until after the following Friday.

nongirlfriend said...

I cannot wait.

Are you having the same photo-uploading issues I am?

Sometimes, blogger just plain SUCKS.

FHB said...

Really, here come those tired old tits again.

phlegmfatale said...

ranger tom - it's up

rocky - ANS needs to STOP! DWP was amazing. Can't wait for the DVD.

ben - at least I won't have to be the one to clean it all up!

tickersoid - not SO worth the wait, it turns out

non-girlfriend - their photo thing has sucked a lot lately. I'm glad they are here, glad they exist, but that photo thing is a frustrating (NON)feature sometimes. Grrr

fathairybastard - *LOL*