Sunday, August 06, 2006

I took the doglet this afternoon and headed to downtown Dallas where I drove around a bit and got some spectacular photos, many of which will be appearing on my alternate blog, Dallas Diorama.

The photo at right was taken at Field and Commerce streets, looking up the eastbound one-way Commerce which is really the southern boundary of skyscrapers downtown. The red brick building is the Magnolia Oil building. Magnolia Oil was headquartered in Dallas until they merged with Vacuum and Socony Oil Companies and became Mobil Oil.

Thus, this impressive all-original 1920s structure is in effect the corporate beginnings of Mobil Oil. Atop the roof you can just make out the red Pegasus which is the symbol of Mobil and became by extension a symbol of Dallas. This sign is extraordinary, and I think it's about 40 feet tall, and can be seen for miles at night, as it is illuminated with red neon. coolness.

I've been updating and adding pictures of great neon over at Dallas Diorama the past few days, so check it out. I'm looking forward to posting the great stuff I photographed today, some of it related to the JFK thingie.

After piddling around town with the camera, I headed the buggy over to one of the area dog parks so doglet could get her social game on. There were about 8 other Jack Russell Terriers at the dp, and first time there ever, as soon as she came through the gate, a much smaller JRT bitch came up and yapped excitedly for about 2 minutes nonstop. Welcoming committee. Then another little female came over and just flopped on her back in front of doglet. They know the queen bee when they see her, apparently.

Doglet would mosey all over the place while I sat and chatted with other dog owner/victims. The news of the day was about the 270 dogs rescued from a rural home recently, more than half of them being JRTs. Heaven help me to have the strength to resist rescuing a dog. Doglet wouldn't be pleased to share our affections, I suspect.

Anyway, it was a grand day out. Enjoy the remains of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sister, so funny you should mention the pegasus. Husband and I were talking bout loving spotting it going through downtown as children. Love it, love Dallas. Love driving at night just before 75 and 30 cross, its so beautiful. Miss it and will go back to loft living as soon as the chicks have flown the coop.

Just Another Old Geezer said...

I remember when the Magnolia Bldg was the tallest around. At least it seemed like it 55+ years ago. And I vaguely recall seeing the First Baptist Church when I was a kid. You would have loved all the neon back then. And a lot of "animated" neon signs.

I enjoy your Dallas Diorama, by the way. Keep it up.

FHB said...

You know I'm tortured by the memory of a hand full of dogs that I've seen at one time or other along the road, but didn't stop and pick up. But I can't have any more animals! It sucks! People who let their animals roam and get away like that ought to be fuckin shot. But 270 dogs in one house? Jesus, that's like the definition of crazy.

Heather B said...

Love your Dallas blog, you are so gifted!

Tickersoid said...

My poodles are so stupid. If I leave the room to get something and return immediately they bark at me. No Idea who I am until I speak.
Maybe it's time I gave them a face trim.

LJ said...

Up here in the strangely sunny north, most of us are actually enjoying the remains of a long weekend. It's Victoria Day. What? You don't know Vicki? It was the day set to celebrate Queen Victoria's (she of the "Victorian age" fame)birthday. By default, or because it was convenient, Queen Elizabeth, (Betty as we call her)gets to have her Taurus birthday shoved into Leo, on the same day.
For most of it, though, it's NOT GOING TO WORK MONDAY DAY.
I very much enjoyed your dog walk and the history and photo.
Do not rescue a dog. Your dog is used to being sole proprietor and would be offended beyond repair. After all, how would you feel if your husband rescued another wife?

nongirlfriend said...

I so admire your new blog! I'm linking right away!

phlegmfatale said...

anonymous - Sister -I'm so glad y'all will be staying around big D, because I pretty much intend to. I have to say it's incredibly beautiful at night. I'll get some nighttime pics up on Dallas Diorama.

myron - you're singing my song - animated neon signs were/are a sublime form of art. Can't wait to get out and catch lady Dallas at her best after dark some night soon! Oh, and I need to head back out to Amarillo to get a picture of a big neon I missed out on when I was there a couple months ago.

phlegmfatale said...

fathairybastard - a girl at the dogpark yesterday told me that in addition to her 2 JRTs, she was thinking of rescuing one of those 270 dogs. She said her mom said that number 3 was the gateway dog, the point of no return for pet craziness, gone overboard, etc. I loved that concept, but with JRTs, I think it really should be 4.

heather b - thanks so much for checking it out. I'm flattered that such a great writer as you would say something so nice! :)

tickersoid - my dad would say they are just like a chicken: every day is a new day to them. Oh well.Ignorance is bliss.

Happy Vicki day! Once in London I was walking along a grand avenue with someone and we came to this place with a grand mansion, gated, with a rather imposing statue of a woman in front. He said "is that Buckingham Palace?" and I said "I don'tknow, but that big broad is Queen Victoria."

Good advice on not bringing competing dogs into an old dog's territory. I certainly don't want to stress my darling girl out. Thanks!