Saturday, August 05, 2006

Click here to read how a school in Texas is banning cleavage. I'm ok with that, but while they are at it, I just hope they address the pandemic of ass cleavage. Perhaps Whitney Houston said it best when she said "crack is whack!"


I'm sick of butt cleavage. It's everywhere, and on some rather ugly bodies, in a lot of cases.

And time for an end to "muffin top." That's when your body that would have fit in your too-low, too-tight jeans comes bubbling up over the top and sits there just bulging, flapping in the wind. I've got to say that this is a dark, dark moment in some ways, fashion wise.

For all the repugnance of the styles of the 80s were, at least proper grooming and presentation was a concept. Now, no matter how beastly it looks, young to middle-aged women are doing the muffin top/ass cleavage thing like it's a desireable look for everywhere: Family reunions, funerals, fine restaurants, the grocery store.


FHB said...

Hey, I teach dual-credit college classes at a local high school during the school season, and I can attest to the fact that a lot of these little girls are dressing more and more like hoochie momas. I don't remember girls having tits and curves like this when I was at their age ether. It's amazing, and VERY nice to look at in the wee hours of the morning. Can't see how their parents allow it, but there you go. I guess every generation has to take it up to the next level in order to differentiate themselves. Our folks certainly thought the same things when we were kids. Thing is, where does it go from here? Will I see thongs and shit when I'm 70 and still heading down there.

The kids were telling once about an old principal who'd been let go just before I got there. Said he was "gross" because he used to stand in the hall and look at the girls. I said "SO?" They said "but they're only 16." I asked them "have you seen a 16 yr old girl lately?" I mean Jesus, looking is not the same as touching right? And if you don't want us to look, don't dress like a hooker.

Having said all that, I'd never be interested in a 16 yr old girl... Ok, I'm lyin, but you know what I mean. Anyway, what 16 yr old is gonna be intersted in a fat hairy bastard?

FHB said...

Scaryest thing I've seen lately... in Austin and at the Grand Canyon, German tourists, freakishly skinny guys, wearing t-shirts, capri pants and red tennis shoes. Where the fuck did that come from? Looks like a really skinny chick from behind, and then they turn around and you think, "Huh? That dudes wearin his wifes pants."

Also, try telling some lady "hey, you are too fat or too old to wear that!" Probably get beat down.

LJ said...

A friend of mine refers to it as, "You know the styles they're wearing - the porn star fashions?"

phlegmfatale said...

fat hairy bastard - well, it IS good to know one's limitations. The attire is whorish, and that's all there is to it. It's rather sad they feel they have nothing else to offer.

Oh, and nothing like a pasty, doughy north European. I don't know wtf is up with Capris on men, period. Perhaps they are being ironic.
Yes, FHB, a fat old lady WILL beat you down for dissing her fashion choices, and you'll deserve it for giving unasked for advice. Besides, if everyone wore tasteful attire, what would I have to bitch about here?

lj - yup. porn star - that fits perfectly, sadly.