Wednesday, January 04, 2006

You know when you pull a buttock-muscle during wild sex? Well, I managed to pull that muscle all by my self today. Yes, I was gardening. I didn't know it was possible to pull that particular muscle while fully clothed. Note to self: stretch before gardening and vigorous sex.

Planted the most glorious pots of Ranunculus I've ever seen. The stems bore up bravely under the weight of bosomy cabbage-like buds and seemingly impossible blossoms. I don't usually mess with these fussy damsels, but their siren call proved irresistable when I went into Northaven Gardens today.

What turned the whole thing into an athletic event was digging up corms of lantana which were stubborn and not at all ready to give up any ground. Yes I won, at a dear price, indeed. I've replaced the lantana with a silver germander bush which is great for xeriscaping, which is what I prefer anyway. The germander is an evergreen little shrub which will reward us with a show of light blue blossoms for a good while in the spring/summer, and all with surprisingly little demand for water.


Becky said...

I hate it when I pull that muscle and it's even worse when it's not by hot, wild sex, isn't it?

phlegmfatale said...

No kidding! That flower bed owes me a happy ending!