Monday, January 09, 2006

According to news sources, a talking Elmo toy meant to aid in potty training toddlers is malfunctioning and saying "Who wants to die?" What surprises me is that if someone was going to goof around and prank the voice loop of a toy, why didn't they just make it say "George Bush hates Muppets!" ???

Actually, I think the talking toy market has always been underdeveloped. I've always longed for a masked villain doll who says "Have you been a naughty little girl?," "you look like you need a spanking!" and "I'm gonna take you to my lair for a romp and then tie you to the railroad tracks." ROWR!

I may be sick, but I'd NEVER do this:

From a link to a Russian online news source, I found this golden chestnut under "FunNews" and how they came to classify this item under fun is a bit odd. Cat rapes woman after performing oral sex on her. Seems like you'd go to any lengths to avoid admitting publicly that your cat shredded your nads after you smeared them with something to entice licking. I dunno - blame a cheese grater or something. Also, I suspect the misleading nature of the title is typical of Russian news wires. The cat bit and clawed the woman, but there was apparently no penetration. "Cat mangles woman during oral sex" would be more to the point, I think.


Knight Of The Storms said...

I dont know about you in america but here in europe such headlines are quite common, u should c UK tabloids

thanks for your comment very nice and I am happy to know that I touched someone on the other side of the world

internet is great eh?
stay cool

phlegmfatale said...

Thank you, in turn, for the comment - yes, it's great to have a conversation with people irrespective of borders and time zones. I think modern civilization doesn't always use time constructively. Perhaps Jane Austen said it best (butchering the quote here, but here goes) in Pride & Prejudice when Mr. Bennett says "what are neighbors for, if not to laugh at, and to laugh at us in our turn?" We have to laugh at our inability to progress. Will society ever be able to take more than baby steps? Will society ever be potty trained properly?

Becky said...

The Elmo story reminds me of my brother that scared my niece by making a nutcracker scream in a store. I couldn't stop laughing!

As for the other...ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

Knight Of The Storms said...

In answer to your question another qoute from gandalf :
"There never was
much hope. Just a fool's hope..."
but as long as ther is enough fools like you and me humanity will be