Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Some things don't work well in translation. Sent through an online translator, even simple film titles get transmogrified into something barely resembling the original when tranposed back into English. When transposed from English to Russian to English, "Dead man walking" becomes "Corpse to go for a walk the man," "Little Red Riding Hood" becomes "the smaller red hood riding" and you get the picture. Anyway, sometimes something odious from the USA filters through the cultural hopper and comes back from overseas better than the original. Such a thing is to be found at the delectably goofy blog of the dormitory boys--the best thing from China since moo shu pork. These two Chinese kids do an incredible lip-synch of an American boy band song. Good stuff.

And speaking of terrorists, I found this comment on Amazon.com from an alleged peta member that MUST be a joke, right? It's too funny to be true, right? Right? Someone reassure me.


Zelda said...

Those boys are too cute. They remind me of my husband's cousins.

phlegmfatale said...

It's such an adorable goof - these lip-synch videos - they ARE very cute.