Monday, January 16, 2006

OK. The new John Fluevogs Santa got me arrived last week. I posted this image before, but it's so damned cute I've gotta show it again, and they are even more wonderful in person. If you see a woman licking her own shoes in public, it's probably me. Thanks for fueling my habit, Santa.

Now, if the Valentine's/Anniversary Fairy will get me the same shoes in Pink & Cappuccino... Yum!

...or there's always the pebbles blackened stainless steel ring from Sarah Graham.


Big Pissy said...

those are some CUTE shoes!!!!! and I love the ring, too.

Here's hoping you get the pink ones for valentine's day. Afterall, what could be more appropriate?!?!?

Ariel said...

My husband doesn't understand.

phlegmfatale said...

Thanks, pissy. I'll give a full update if I do get the shoes, OR the ring. Or both. Good gifters deserve their propers.

Thanks, ariel! Shoes are wunnerful things, but not just any shoes - the shoes that excite me totally cross over into fetish status. Just a good healthy love of certain footwear. A wise man takes note.