Saturday, January 14, 2006

One more question/harangue about homelessness:

Isn't it patronizing to say that all homeless people are brought to that state through the cruelty of life's slings and arrows? Isn't it condescending to say that because some people find themselves in this state, they are too pitiful and stupid to be otherwise?

My observation has been that generally homeless folk are brought low by a series of conditions, namely depression, alcoholism, and drug abuse, and these little nuggets are a chicken-or-the-egg style conundrum. So for whatever reason, these people have opted out of society as we know it, and would prefer to live without so much as a by-your-leave from families, churches, jobs, the government. Does it follow, then, that these same folks would willingly live in hostel-style warehousing where there would presumably be some sort of rules for behavior? After all, they might be expected to show identification or have some sort of i.d. number.

I believe it is high time that homeless rights activists acknowlege most homeless do have some responsibility for the circumstances in which they find themselves, and that simply providing ample teats for them to latch onto is no incentive for them to become productive and happy members of society.

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Zelda said...

Spot on. Especially about the teats.