Monday, June 22, 2009

What kind of moth is this?

Isn't this moth interesting? I thought it was a dried up leaf or a curled piece of bark, but it was too symmetrical. Do you know what sort it is? I've never seen one like it.
Had a grand time in DFW this weekend visiting my family, but it was good to come home to Elsewhere.
Went for walkies Sunday night and two shirtless little neighborhood urchins were showing off the rattlesnake they'd killed earlier. I said one had bitten my dog and they asked what happened to it. They asked if I'd kept the rattle of the dead snake, I said yes and one said "Lucky!" Apparently he collects rattles. I didn't offer him my trophy.
Oh. and out for a walk near my house in a pasture, I found tracks of a gi-normous wild hog. This is not good. Bibbity-bobbity-bacon. No pig better come near my puppehs. I may not be able to make a silk purse of its ear, but I'll bet you a dollar I could make a coin purse of its cod. Just saying. I understand a 500 lb hog is hard to kill- do I need mount a little cannon on the back of my humble abode?


OrangeNeckInNY said...

It's probably a common moth that just emerged from its crysalis and the wings are still in the unfolding stage.

HollyB said...

I don' know nuttin 'bout no moths, Miz Phlemmie.
Aren't little boys with snakes, snail and puppy dog tail just super?

As for the hog hunting, they generally require a large bore rifle for a couple of reasons that occur to me right off the bat: You want a rifle because you don't want to let them get that close to you AND you use a large bore b/c you want penetration with the first shot through that tough hide.

My Older Bro was tellin' me about these crazee men who hog hunt with dawgs. They use two dawgs, the "sniffer and chaser" and the brave one who grabs the hawg by the ear and holds on 'til the hooman can get there to slit the hawg's throat.
Sounds WAAAAAYYYYYY too Western to me!

Anonymous said...

Re: the gi-normous wild hog.
A 12 guage with slugs should do the trick. Don't need to mount it at the back of your house, just keep it at the back door, locked & loaded. A head shot would be best, less meat spoiled, if you're interested in ham & bacon & chops & etc.
Good luck.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

If you park yourself atop the car port about 4 am. and sit and wait, you will see a small herd of javalinas out in the pasture. The ranch there had them imported from the Big Thicket to see if they'd survive in this part of the world. Worse luck, they did, and they're extremely dangerous to the unarmed and unaware.

Old NFO said...

12 Ga or a 30-30...

Robert Langham said...

Shoot hogs from the side directly where you would see an earring if they had one.

Jon said...

With a good scope and a stationary target, you can kill a hog with a 22, but you can also piss off a viscous critter if you miss.

I'd say, leave the hog alone, unless it becomes a pest. More than likely, it will move on to better rooting. If you have to shoot the hog, I recommend a 375 H&H magnum. You don't want to follow in the footsteps of my brother, who went to a hog fight with a bow and arrow;.

Stranger said...

Well, before my knees gave out I hog hunted with a .44 Magnum. Ruger Redhawk, S&W 29, or a Marlin '94. A couple of my friends used a .22 LR.

There was not much difference in effectiveness. The thing is - hogs are not that hard to kill, but you want to make sure they are dead. Or you need to pick a really easy tree to climb before you pull the trigger.

Advice? Leave well enough alone and admire the wildlife. Unless you have a reason not to. Then a .38, .357 or whatcha'got will do.


Zelda said...

Oh those wild hogs scare me a lot.

Rabbit said...

Isn't about time you got a nice new Scout rifle?

Seems to me I heard you liked JR's.

Besides, deer season is coming up, too. Works for hogses just as good as it does deerses.


JPG said...

I've seen you shoot that short 20-bore pump gun. Don't bother with the little #3 buckshot, which is the largest you can buy for it. Get two, five-packs of slugs for it. Practice with a few and load the magazine full.

If you want to E-A-S-E open the door and ambush the hawg, leave one in the chamber, safety on. If you'll be content with scaring it away, leave chamber empty and work the action as you open the door. Shoot him 'til he quite wiggling. You don't need a wiggly-piggly in your yard.

Anonymous 11:01 - - Do you have particular knowledge of the locality where Phlegmmy is? I've never seen javelina anywhere near there, but there are the bigger, feral, hogs, which are a far greater hazard.