Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's in your backyard?

Oh! Does.

Oh, deer.

Oh, deers.
This seems to be a favorite hangout with the deer set lately. They're usually out near the end of the day. I really need to get a better lens to capture stuff like this. They were mebbe 200 yards from my back door.
I thought there was a baby following one of the does, and sure enough I could clearly see it in a lot of the photos, and much clearer than I could see with no glasses on.
Out for my nightly walk Tuesday, a cottontail rabbit sat looking much too casual and comfortable as I walked to within a few feet of him. There's a rainbow of wildflowers in bloom now, and the thistles are bursting forth like gangbusters. I saw a hummingbird buzz the prickly pear out front a couple weeks ago, too. Rattlers notwithstanding, I'm loving the rugged wilderness so close at hand.
I'm told this area will feel a lot like Dallas this summer, only windier. I suppose that means it'll be like walking around in the blast from a frighteningly large hair dryer. *shrug* In for a penny, in for a pound.


Carteach said...

Cool! Mobile protein storage devices. Always handy to have around. (g).

Old NFO said...

Nice pics :-) And yeah, food on the hoof :-) Look on the bright side, at least you won't have high humidity to deal with...LOL

East Of The Pecos said...

Throw them some corn, stale bread or tortillas and you will have friends for life! And they will bring their friends too!

p.s. they also love cooked pasta and it's funny to watch 'em eat it.