Friday, June 26, 2009

More stuff from someone else who hits it out of the park:

Go over here at Snarkybytes to read how the healthcare Obama is shoving down our throats is not actually good enough for his kith and kin. Think about it. This is a monumental power-grab, long and short of it. Obama relies on the fact that he and his will never have to be subject to the plebian level of healthcare rationing that you or I would be subject to if his proposals are taken seriously and enacted, heaven forbid.

Then go to this post at Snarkybytes to read about the biggest tax hike in history, and one which will have the net effect of doubling the price mere mortals like us pay for energy costs. This is truly chilling. We can't afford to be inattentive for even a moment here. Daily our Senate and Congress are working to make these things happen. Let us not be apathetic about these very real threats whilst being spoon-fed the latest celebrity poop.

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