Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yeah: What he said.

There are few words adequate to describe the outrage in my heart for the senseless death of Neda Soltani. As I watched the video, I was stricken by the heartbreak in the voice of her father crying her name as she died in his arms on that Tehrani street on the same day we in the USA celebrated Father's Day. Horrors. The sooner a secular youth culture of Iran ousts the old guard, the better life will be for every Iranian, and the better off the world will be.

Any culture which murders young women on the street for daring to disagree with the upholding of tyrannical rule is not a culture worth preserving.

I could go on, but someone already said it better than I could ever do, so read this.


Jon said...

Best word I can use to describe the carnage is horrified.

Meanwhile, the exalted one fiddles.

Assrot said...

Very sad. This is exactly what happens when nobody has guns except the government.

Molon Labe,


Old NFO said...

BAd part- She was not even protesting, just an innocent bystander... RIP Neda, RIP

rickn8or said...

And it doesn't stop with her murder:

Anonymous said...

The Ayatollah's are scared. The same demonstrations they're seeing now are the same that put them in power 30 years ago. Neda's death may not have been so "senseless" after all. She may be the catalyst for change in Iran.

RIP Neda - may Angels sing thee to thy rest.