Friday, June 05, 2009

Call me thin-skinned, but this sorta rubbed me the wrong way:

THis story was from a couple months ago, but I was in the throes of a big move and couldn't blog it then.

Hummer owner says he was 'unjustly targeted' by vandal

Yeah, even the quotation marks offended me. The vandal-- a 72-year old envirofascist weenie who serves on one of the Southlake city boards-- is clearly shown on the video camera, and in he article is referred to as an "upstanding Southlake senior citizen" though not in quotation marks in their version.

Their description seems a tacit approval of the act of the vandal, imho.


Yet another reason to be happy to live in Elsewhere and away from the Metroplex.


Rabbit said...

Agreed. I thought he'd use the 'dementia' defense, but at least he owned up to merely being a tool.


TOTWTYTR said...

It's not dirtbaggery as much as it's thuggery. Of the kind practiced by the thug in chief himself. The rule of law is secondary (at best) to social justice. Whatever the hell that means. Oh, it means that the ends, getting rid of those nasty SUVs, justify the means, violating the law.

Of course you could label it civil disobedience, but if it's civil disobedience the vandal, uh, I mean, fighter for social justice, should be willing to face the consequences.

"Jeppe was clearly embarrassed when he was charged Friday and has declined comment.

He admitted to police he has keyed other Hummers because "they use four times as much gas as the rest of us."

Embarrassed to be caught, not at committing the crime. Which in his pea sized progressive brain, isn't a crime because the real crime is the unconscionable waste of the resources of Mother Gaia.

"An upstanding Southlake senior citizen was captured on surveillance vandalizing an SUV."

Upstanding citizens don't vandalize other people's property because they don't agree with their purchasing decisions.

I hope that this jack ass has to pay restitution to every car owner who's property he has vandalized.

Then I hope that the various insurance companies try to subrogate their damages.

No doubt he'll be a hero to some, but to me he's just a criminal.

Bob S. said...


I took the a different approach to those people. I bought not just one large SUV, but TWO.

I'm proud to say that we need those vehicles to transport the family around, especially when our youngest son has band activities.

We often take him and a friend or two. Heck, for the fun of it I tell people I leave both cars idling all night -- just to keep the A/C cool enough :)

Jon said...

Evil old fart is what comes to mind. The best punishment is to force him to wash Hummers for a week in his front yard, after he pays for the paint jobs of those he vandalized.

Buck said...

Call me thin-skinned, as well. The mind boggles at the crap that happens these days. Just boggles.

That is all.

Old NFO said...

Upstanding senior citizen my ass...

Carteach said...

I really don't wish to speak of the thoughts I had while watching that video.

The unmitigated gall of that rotten old bastard.