Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday, puppy Sunday.

Faster than the camera can see!

Praline is utterly besotted with this orange plastic ball. These past 2 months, this ball has been her constant companion and she pines for it if ever they are separated. Her relationship with the ball is, frankly, obsessive. Sometimes she has to have a break from the ball when I'm taking a shower, because she'll keep dropping it over the edge of the tub then jumping in to fetch it. Bee-zarre.

Chuy doesn't care a whit for the ball, but he's cunning enough to know Praline cares. Once we acquired this huge, fabulous yard, Chuy quickly figured out that though he probably wouldn't outpace Miss P on a long haul, he can outrun her in short bursts and can certainly outmaneuver her. An engineering giant in pocket-form, Chuy makes the most of his short wheel-base to turn on a dime while Praline powers past him, full-bore and into the next county by the time she recognizes the quarry has turned. She'll probably figure out his game sooner or later, but for now, it absolutely maddens her, and that makes it all great fun to watch.

  • Stupid human throws ball for Praline
  • Praline fetches ball
  • Praline plays tug-of-war for ball with stupid human
  • Stupid human finally gets ball
  • Stupid human throws ball again
  • Whoopsie! Chuy got the ball first
  • Chuy ambles around, making great show of ball in mouth
  • zomg! Praline sees ball! Praline wantses ball, precious!
  • The chase is on
  • Chuy hauls ass, just slowing enough occasionally to keep Praline hopeful
  • Chuy sees a toothsome twig in yard
  • Chuy forgets ball and flops down for a nice little chew
  • Praline and ball are together again
  • *bliss*


Christina RN LMT said...


I can totally picture this scene in my mind!

That Chuy is a devious little fellow, I like that. :)

Vinogirl said...

I love dogs :)

Zdogk9 said...

Love it!
Brings to time when a saluki I had got in a foot race with a retired greyhound. Patches, (the greyhound) went like a son of a gun in a straight line. Raq was fast on the straight and could turn on a dime. Raq had the lead and headed straight for one of the out buildings. Patches was hot on his heels. About five feet out from the wall Raq pulled a 180 Patches face planted on the garage.

Old NFO said...

Sneaky little devil :-)

Anonymous said...

NUTHIN like a toothsome twig!!!!!!

Joseph said...

Panda the chihuahua is the same way, intermittently, with a large green rubber bone that is almost as big as she is. I mean, when the mood is upon here, she sleeps with the bone, takes it everywhere and gets very upset if she can't at least see it.