Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exotica Thursday - Yma-way! uh-Yma-way!

I sense you're lagging today, woefully in need of a punch coffee has no hope of ever delivering. I need it too.

We need some Yma Sumac 'round he-ah!

Can any splendor rival that of a vocal tattoo-needle?

I think not. Enjoy.


Kirk said...

this bitch can sing!! i have some of her stuff on CD.. holy crap balls.

she's an alien i think.

Assrot said...

Okay, this is probably the worst thing I've ever heard. I had to stop at 28 seconds or else tear the ears from my noggin.

Sorry but she sucks. On the other hand, she'd work a lot better than coffee to wake you up and get you running in a few minutes.



phlegmfatale said...

kirk - most definitely other-worldly. holy crap balls, indeed.

Assrot - you poor, sad, deluded man. She is sublime. Yes, better than coffee.

Joe Allen said...

Wow. Haven't heard Yma Sumac in years! Always wondered what a duet with her and Clara Rockmore on theremin would have been like...

Have you ever heard Combustible Edison? Liz Cox (AKA Miss Lilly Banquette) is not as classically operatic as Yma but she's still got serious pipes, and they really nail the Martin Denny afro-cubano vibe.

NotClauswitz said...

Yay Yma! :-) Martin Denny is my hero.

Roberta X said...

Way Kewl!

Steve R said...

Now THAT is different!

The instrumental is a bit heavy, blocks her voice in a few places, which is a shame.

I listened to a couple more of the choices on YouTube after that selection ended. She's got quite a range. Can't understand a word, but her range between high and low has got to be at least 4 octaves.