Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Last night I dreamt I was shopping in a 99 cent store with Gogol Bordello, and they had these fabulous Christmas trees made out of soft drink cans from Thailand. Then I woke up thinking of this song by the Cramps:

Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
Stay Sick!


DBA Dude said...

I love it when something "weird" inspires me (or someone else) to dig out a track that has not been played for years.

Always a blast, had not heard any Cramps for a long time - they always leave me smiling.

phlegmfatale said...

Yeah - it's great when those things come creeping back. Golly, I'll be glad when the Cramps come back to town.
They put on an amazing show - have you ever seen them perform?

mully said...

ahh, scantily clad chicks with firearms...and i too have not of the cramps in such a long time.

FHB said...

Flashin' on a Russ Meyer flick or two. Cool. said...

That was something!

Christina RN LMT said...

The only "cramps" I'm familiar with are the pesky ones that come too often for my liking.

I can certainly see the attraction to your version, though!

Love the special effects! :)

DBA Dude said...

Never seen the Cramps live, turns out they were in London for one night in August - must try to keep more up to date.

First saw/heard Gogol Bordello on Later with Jools Holland sometime last year.

I was very impressed, their raw energy reminded me of the couple of times I saw The Pogues live back in the mid eighties - enjoy them when they come.