Monday, October 22, 2007

Wow, here's a cool article from the Dallas Morning News about 4 muggers who have been arrested for multiple muggings since October 13. Oh, and with as elaborate a system as they obviously had, you can bet they didn't start mugging people on Oct 13. The first two were apprehended when they were driving away from a mugging late at night with their lights off and nearly hit the parked car of an undercover police officer who followed and pulled them over.
Did anyone in DFW see the flocks (? don't know what to call it) of enormous raptors that were flying south yesterday? I call that extremely peculiar. They didn't look like buzzards, but more like some kind of eagle. I saw at least 5 groups of two dozen or more of these birds, all soaring southward, with a few stragglers here and there. Maybe it was the raptor version of a Sunday drive. Nice brisk air current, coasting along thermals. Sounds nice.

By the way, someone I know saw a bald eagle at Lake Fork last week, which is a couple hours east of Dallas. I didn't know they ever made it to our neck of the woods. This is a person with keen eyesight and not given to flights of fancy.


Anonymous said...

I saw a couple of bald eagles along the Red River near Lake Texoma about 1990. One was perched in a tree and the other was soaring along below the helicopter I was in. Awesome sight.

Lin said...

I think folks will see more and more of the eagles. They seem to be rebounding nicely and they will have to find new territories of their own as they do. I've seen as many as five in the air at a time here - they're bound to spread out. They are just so cool to have around.

John R said...

We do a Brazos river canoe trip over Easter each year, and last year we had a good sighting of a pair of Bald Eagles. Possom Kingdom Lake is also a good place to spot them.

FHB said...

They must have known that norther was blowin' through.