Friday, October 19, 2007

I'll tell you what it is:
It's some kind of a Texas psychobilly freakout.

damn skippy!
Dulcet offerings from Dallas' own Reverend Horton Heat from Smoke 'em If Ya Got 'em era. Still tasty after 15 years.

Thanks to all you wonderful, sexy people who took a moment to voice your discord at KDFW's adventures in yellow journalism this week, and especially everyone who contacted the station about this outrage. I mean, hell, we all know what they really think-- that it's not enough that we're stupid enough to pay the fare for countless deadbeats in the form of confiscatory taxes, but that we ought to just lie back and let our possessions - however humble - be picked clean by a ruthless and often murderous rabble. Ironically, the sulphuric Rebecca Aguilar has declined to be interviewed about her on-camera attack, demonstrationg that she is not only yellow and vicious, but also cowardly. Thanks for showing us your true, stinking colors, Ms. Aguilar. And yes, I'd like an order of fries with that.

Either I have a head cold from hell, or this is the be-all end-all case of allergies. At least it's all from the neck up this time. The pneumonia was neck-down. Crap. I was just starting to feel kind of back to normal. Oh well. All I know is that no amount of illin' will keep me from going to the concert I bought two tickets for this weekend. This was my birthday present to myself, sort of, and Sister is going with me. If I have to crawl, dagnabbit, I'm a'goin'.


Christina RN LMT said...

I'm getting whatever has been going around at work.

Hopefully I won't get as sick as my colleague C., who missed several days of work and is still coughing up a lung regularly!

I hope you feel better soon!
Have you tried Airborne? (is that how it's spelled?)
I've heard it's really effective.
Enjoy your concert and take care of yourself.

Rabbit said...

Just remember to make that doctor's appointment earlier than last time.

As far as RHH, I'm more of a Galaxie 500 kind of guy, myself.

I could only hope the best for Sra. Aguilar in the future. The best, meaning being picked up by the network and shipped to one of the scenic spots like Bosnia as a foreign correspondent. Or fired. I'm not picky.

I think her bio on KDFW's site pretty well tells us where her sentiments lie. I'm sure LULAC has contacted her offering legal representation in her grievance with KDFW.


Tickersoid said...

Texas psychobilly freakout Works for me.

Hope you get better soon.

Buck said...

re: psychobilly freakout. Dang! Didja ever see these guys? Does the bass player really play that acoustic bass all the time, or was that just for video-effect? I think I like these guys... after all, a review that includes the line "It's all sleaze, it's all wrong, and it's all so very, very right." says a lot. To me, anyway!

Hope your allergies straighten up and fly right, Phlegmmy. (and thanks for the link!)

Anonymous said...

wooo hoooo!!! thats THIS weekend? I need a babysitter. Dad, can ya'll watch the kids Sun night? A

DBA Dude said...

Hope that you are feeling better Phlegmmy when it comes around.

Would this be the visit of Gogol Bordello?

Enjoy jumping around a lot :)

Unknown said...

I was sick about every six weeks when I lived in Texas because of the allergies or the drastic changes in temperature. That's one thing that I don't miss about the area. I hope you feel better soon:)

Lin said...

When you start to feel fatigued, take a vitamin B and a C (about
every 4-6 hours hours max). I found that it did keep stuff at bay long enough to have a real life when I needed it.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Wow, now THAT was a blast from the past. And yes, buck pennington, Jim-Bob (the bassist) DOES, in fact, play an upright acoustic ALL THE TIME. I doubt he owns an electric. Oh, and the one he plays onstage has flames from the bottom up.

I mixed audio for Rev. on my 21st birthday (I was working...what a shame) at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, TX. The bartender gave me a free Rum & Coke, The Wifey brought me a chocolate-chip cookie-cake (which the stagehands made short work of), and Reverend Horton Heat, Jim-Bob, and a former death-metal drummer gave me the time of my life. What a day.

Thanks for bringin back that memory, dear. It's a good one!