Friday, October 26, 2007

a double shot of sadness, straight up, sidecar of longing with a guilt chaser

I bought the new PJ Harvey cd White Chalk recently, and I finally gave it an intense listen over the past couple days. This cd is absolutely gorgeous, but the mood is quite melancholy. At moments I feel the cd is so monolithically somber that it almost seems a tone poem. Polly Jean is incredibly taltented, and I like this cd, but I think she's channeling Sylvia Plath. If you like PJ Harvey, then you can probably handle it, but if you're not a fan already, you may want to dip your toe in her pool with one of her earlier offerings first.

Tremendously lovely, exceedingly sad. I give this 4 nose-blows on the Institute of Phlegm's Snotometer™.


Anonymous said...

We love it, but I cannot recall any of her music being uplifting. A

DBA Dude said...

Have not heard the whole thing but one of the reviews that I read described it as "the saddest album ever made" - and I would go along with that.

First heard her on the John Peel show not long after she started out and was hooked.

Very interesting lady - does not conform to any of the stereotypes that people have tried to place her in.

NotClauswitz said...

I listened to the samples, but I couldn't listen to that whole thing and clean my guns at the same time...

Rabbit said...

nonono! The saddest, most depressing album ever made was Lou Reed - [i]Berlin[/i].

This does come close, though. I'll listen further from home tonight. The guy in the next cube is trying to slice his wrists with his wireless mouse so I have to turn down the volume.


Meg said...

Noseblows? Snotmeter? Gosh, you're my kind of gal!